The Coming of Trinity

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Well, I guess since the new universe is here, I should announce that I want to build a city: Trinity. It will be a project that I hope others will join. Not sure what planet it will be on yet, but hey, I will figure that out soon. Anyone wanting to work with me to make Trinity a reality? My character name will be GoldSoulStrider. Let it be known: Trinity will come.

Soon to be Mayor: GoldSoulStrider


please provide info on what theme the city has, maybe background story etc etc etc :smiley:

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Sure. Trinity will hopefully be a cross between Fantasy and Modern. 3 districts: Community, shops, and industry. Monuments will be a cross between tech crossing over with fantasy. Plenty of wood used for the buildings, lined with metal blocks. Square would have a triangle in the middle, three statues, one of technology, magic, and the cross of them both. Background story I haven’t thought about yet, but we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. Let me know the world and I will try and be there.

Sure thing! I’ll message you coordinates when I have setup a quick home base :slight_smile:

Trinity will be built on Beckon! Coordinates of my current home base: 1555N 1244E.

Thanks. I will see where that is and try to locate you.

Okay! My house isn’t fully built yet, but this will be the start of the community district.

So yeah I must be really lost. I went to those coords and it was in the middle of water.

You sure you are on Beckon?

Not exactly sure how coords work, since I just know they exist.

Yep. How are you getting your coords? I use F1 and see my location. Currently I am at 1994, 64, 1400

Ok nevermind…they have the two swapped in the F1 spot.

I’m getting it through beacon.

You can go into the tab menu > places > locations > custom destination to set a waypoint I think.