The End Of Meteor Meet


When I first started playing this game it was great, I felt like I could escape my personal life and enter a world of endless creativity alongside a very close-knit community.
I’ve met some amazing people during my progression on boundless.
I’ve hosted some amazing hunts and for my regulars, I respect you so much.
I don’t want to start naming people but a lot of the people I have interacted with within this game have been extremely nice and polite.
Unfortunately, I’ve been getting harassed by a very salty guild leader, it’s getting too much for me now with me already have personal problems in real life.
This isn’t a decision I’ve made by myself this is a decision forced upon me because of the actions of someone else.
I’m sorry to the people who I have a great connection with on this game and to the people who rely on my hunts each day.

Much Love Brother Jacey x


Please don’t leave the game! I’m sorry you’re getting harassed! :disappointed: If there is anything I can do please let me know!


Will you still be playing the game?


Noooo jacey!


Jacey best bring this to the devs they will sort it out I’m sure, it’s not on if your harassed!!

I promise you I have the ice cubes…

You can’t leave I promise to be in your room tomorrow who else am I to follow who gives a good :joy:

Please don’t go I will be more upset than I was earlier today :disappointed:

Fiesty :smiling_imp:


Sorry to se you go. Hope everything goes well for you in life and gets better. If you want some one to fill your beacons so you can come back later down the road let me know and I’ll do it for you or can plot them for you and return them when you get back(35+ weeks of gc). But again sorry to see you go and hope things start to look up.


I would suggest reporting this to James.


No, we dont let you go. Pls keep playing and nothing more


if it was done via discord like how most comms are done there is nothing the devs can do about it


@JaceyLive Hey bud. Life first. Though don’t be another domino to fall. Sorry that happened to you on the hunt. Always remember to smile and look forward.


I would still suggest reporting it to James, even if nothing can be done about it, and to the person running that discord server. If the harassment is isolated to discord server, then Jacey could make his own discord server if he doesn’t already have one of his own and use that to run his hunts, where he have the control to ban people out of it who are harassing


Really having mixed emotions between sad and mad right now. I know how much you’ve put into this game and how your intentions have always been for the better of the community. Things like this just keeps making the game disheartening for me.

I really don’t want to see you go brother, we need more people like you in the game not less.


I took it upon myself to message James as this kinda thing shouldn’t happen, if it’s a discord thing anyone on the hunt is welcome to use my room for hunting so nobody will be harassed there and Jacey should message discord too.

He shouldn’t have to leave due to nasty people I have had this happen myself it does put you down :anguished:

P.s Jacey I’m more than welcome to set up a channel for you on discord with full control invite who you like then :slight_smile:


This is extremely sad to see especially from a fellow player like you. End the meteor meets but at least keep playing? Plus, please try sorting it out before leaving everything. I hope things get better for you irl first and here second. Best of luck mate!


I don’t think he should quit them at all. I think he should keep on keep’n on. In my experience, those who get the elitist attitude burn out.

Like the big mold tower that someone built next to my shop. One day they just weren’t there any more.


No unfortunately they do not and are willing to chase off whoever so they can get their promised planet their own way sadly
DISCLAIMER “No Not everyone but there are some”

Fortunately for me I like the salty politics and I enjoy the powerplays sometimes. My advise Jayce is to look at it as a challenge and rise above.




I would love to know what exactly has made you feel this way. Also just my pattern seeking mammalian like brain I see Salt… y and guild leader. :thinking:



Unfortunately their are a few in this game that take their video games too seriously. I’m really sad to see you go. But in the end this is just a game, it should be fun and not stressful. I Only got to join two of your hunts and had a blast. I Wish you well and hope to see you back one day, you certainly made my game experience better.

Much respect.