The End Of Meteor Meet


Whatt??? NO!

Why on earth is this person harassing you for? Meh, some people :rage:


Im so donkeyBalls confused here.

So is @JaceyLive decided to stop playing or is this just end for meteor meet?

Eitherway. Good luck to the future Jacey. I never rly get know to you well… here and there though… first impressions were laidback and cool guy :sunglasses:

Good asset to hunting community no doubt about it.

But i have different opinion about something.

It is your decision. No one else doesnt click that quit button. You can blame it on someone but in the end the decision is made by you even though if there would be someone else involved.

As said good luck jacey


@Buugi you are one of my favorites💗


I love myself too


I was going to try and explain why the second part of your comment was as unnecessary as it was obvious, but I think maybe there’s no point. Possibly someone with more patience than me can try.


You can pm me. Would love to hear.
Honestly i dont see nothing wrong with it.
Its based on info that jacey has written.


Yes we need the ice cubes Fiesty, to save Jacey from this harassment it’s just despicable :disappointed:


I hope things begin to look up in your personal life. Seem like a nice, generous dude. Well wishes your way.


I see what you mean, but if you view it as mentally and not physically you’d understand where I’m coming from.
If you don’t suffer from mental health or haven’t suffered from mental health then it will more than likely be impossible to understand where I’m coming from.
But by the sounds of it most people understood what I meant. @Xaviien I’m sure this is what you would of touched upon but to save any further confusion everyone is different and this is the way it has effected me.


I havent. My wife has and i do know what you mean. End of discussion.


This is sad to see. I was looking forward to one day being not-squishy and joining in, streaming to my audience of probably just my boyfriend. :laughing:

Best of luck out there, whether in Boundless or not.


I wish you much luck! If I heard it right, you have mental problems in real life! Then when a game or hobby comes along, which pulls you further down, it is clear that it burdened you!

As I wrote some time ago, there are elite players who think they are a little better! Guilds with very strict rules, although we are actually a rather small community and need every player! People can finish things like that and they end the game!

All the best, continue!


:frowning: this makes me sad
Hope things get better for you dude <3


I’m sorry to hear Jayce. You known you are able to mute people in-game and block them in-game and discord?

Everyone hating afkhunters.

Me: builds throne near meteor to sit on while leading hunts


Yes I’m aware of the muting people, however it’s there actions that they are doing whilst I’m on other people’s hunts


You, yourself comes first above anything else.

I’m sorry that you’re going through some hard times! As someone going through the same thing, I’m here if you ever wanna chat!

But I really hate to think that your safe space has been taken away though (kinda how I see gaming and boundless) And I think speaking from the community, you have such a huge influence on everyone here. Probably more than anyone on the whole game. And no “guild leader” would ever be able to change that. You have all of us behind you @JaceyLive. Regardless of your decision to stop the hunts. We are all here behind you. :heart:

Everything will be alright in the end, if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.


I hope you come soon back.

Darth Pain


I do suffer from severe mental health issues and understand completely how things can affect us that others may not understand. Take time out, get yourself back to a good place if possible and, hopefully, you’ll be back to some kind of normality. Take care @JaceyLive, thanks for all the hunts that got me loads of stock for my shop. I truly appreciate it. :+1:


I have Bipolar, so understand how events in a game can get to you. One day you can handle it and several days later when life is really being a pain it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Know that you have a lot of support here, that when you want to come back you will be welcomed with open arms and I really wish we could take such people who get pleasure out of being mean to others and drop them into a lava pit and they not be able to come back to the game.


I never went on one of your hunts, but you always struck me as being a wonderful leader of wonderful hunts. it is a shame negativity has made you want to do other things. But I truly understand, because I see the lack of civility in this forum and in the game itself.

You will be missed, and I hope you will come back.