The End Of Meteor Meet


@JaceyLive I don’t have diagnosed mental issues, but I think I understand. I am an older player, and I find that there are certain things that bother me now, that I find affect my health now. Our bodies can only take so much negativity, and the older we get the more apparent it is. Do the things that bring you joy, and if those things bring you negativity, then it is smart to do something else.

I applaud your honesty, and I will miss you.


@JaceyLive if ya see this.

I appreciate your time and effort in game my friend. You remembered my kids each time we met without mention. Asked bout the fam.

Wheather the MM closes or ya leave, ill slap a hellva monument down to the good hunts and the good people! Long live the hunt!


The community, when they will find out whos de salty leader


Noooooo @JaceyLive Chan you can’t leave you make Good :cookie: s


Well, that sucks. :frowning:


Sad to hear this :frowning: You’ve brought so much to the community here, and us hooligans over at Autumn Dell use your portal hub every single day. Definitely let know if there’s is any way we can help you out. Harassment should have no place in this game.


Amazing reactions by the community.

You know what i told you. :kissing_heart:


Although I’ve never done the group hunts, I am truly sorry to hear this and that you’ve been hurt. :frowning: If you ever feel up to playing again - maybe not doing the hunts but just playing for yourself might be preferable at some point - it is really such a supportive community here, as you said there are so many great folks, and also, more than a couple of us are being hit also with blows in life of various sorts, and some of us are helping to support each other through these times. I’m always willing to lend an ear to any, and I know others here are like that as well. Sometimes some good vents to a good listener can do wonders. We can be here for you. Though as I’ve said elsewhere, when a game stops being fun it is time to step away, I just hate that you felt pushed to it this way.


I agree the love myself was obviously the weird part :joy:


Sorry to hear that. I want to thank you for your activities, as I “grew up” on your hunts, but RL is more important. Wish you to get over it soon and hope to see you back.


I’m very sad to hear this. I hope things get better soon IRL :pray:


I am saddened to hear what you are going through Jacey. Even though I don’t know you as well as some others in our circle, just know that your absence will be felt.

I want to say something to the community as a whole, outside of this situation and based on things I have heard generally. Some players need to remember that this is just a game, and when the servers go down people have lives, and responsibilities outside of Boundless. As a newer player, individuals like Jacey that contribute to the well being of the collective help to make it possible for players like myself to get things done we can’t do alone. And when people get so caught up in their emotions to the point that they start harassing other players it not only effects the individual that is being harassed, but our community suffers as well. Boundless is a game that was created with the whole intention being based upon community and us working together to create an economy. And how do you expect new players to want to play this game when some in the community act like children? This game for the most part, that I am aware of is played by adults. And I think it is high time that we start acting like our ages and not our shoe sizes. #micdrop🎤

P.S. Those that truly know you Jacey got your back. Never forget that brother. :100:


Noooooooo don’t go, we can all help out