The Essence & Fossils Trade

Hallo together,

I m running now a little new Shop which is buying and selling Fossils ,Techs and Essence .

My little Shop is available from River Town Portal Hub on Arie ,
Then Take the Portal The Essence & Fossils Trade in the middle of the Hub . Pictures are below. If IT IS Not clear how to reach my Shop then ASK me to explain better .
You can contact me on
Discord Turrican2006#9854
PSN Turrican2006

I think the prices are good for Guys who want to sell their stuff and also for buyers.
If Not let me know


Hard Coal 12 c each

Medium Coal 4 c each

Soft Coal 1,2 c each

Small Fossil 5 c each

Middle Fossil 14 c each

Large Fossil 37 c each

Meat 1,2 c each

Creature Mantel 5,25 c each

Any RAW Gleam 1 c each


Ancient Essence 3,8 c each

Vital Essence 3,00 c each




Request basket for Large Fossil is restocked​:grin::grin::grin:

Ancient Essence ist available for 3,8 coins each


Great buy prices on the fossils(sold some of those to you as I no longer have a need for any of my items :blush:). And not price gouging on the essence. Also great prices on your forged bombs.

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No??? Why???


Because the next light thing that will end up coming is here hit you hundreds of light sources with this forged spanner to get things back to where they were instead of we improved the brightness slider or whatever that thing was called.

Sorry to go off topic on your post.

Everyone should check this store out. Has great prices.

Thx for the nice comment regarding the prices.
I changed the Name to

The Essence & Fossils Trade

Because this is the Main Thing i do.
I want that miners get AS good AS possible rewarded for their Work and sell IT for a good price, t think i pay the best price of all for Fossils.
On the other Side the Seba and marble makers can buy the antik Essence for a good price less then the minter would pay me.
I m Doing this because i dont want to BE rich or Something , i want to BE a place where everybody knows to Go for These Things , and BE an active Part of the Game .
I Hope many of you will Support me and my Idea .
I think this is a good way to have Happy Community .
I ll Put a Few other Things also into the baskets or requests basket but the Main Thing is Fossils and Essence.
I ll restock everything later in the afternoon and will make my Shop better looking and better explained.
PSN: Turrican2006
Discord: Turrican2006#9854


Update 4 September 17:00 CET

Everything ist restocked
About 72.000 ancient Essence to sell and request basket s are filled with coins


Ooo, I might stop by today after mining

I’ll be over later then!
Silly work getting in the way of building

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That would be great If some Guys would sell me more Fossils , Sold in the Last hour about 150.000 ancient Essence , still about 100.000 left. My extraktors are all working and i have a Lot of them . If requests basket are empty with coins Message me because i m also Mining because i need coal .


Do you have a basket for coal or just fossils?

Fossils at the Moment but i can Set one for each Type of coal,

If it makes it easier for you, I could sell you some

OK that would be great, how many die you have and how much do you want to have?

I am Sold Out for today new Produktion later or at 12 o clock tomorrow
Over 300000 ancient Essence Sold today.

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I dont know the amount I have at the moment, but I have quite a lot. If you manage to put a basket up, I’ll definitely sell to you. Wont be on for several hours, still at work.

OK basket ist Set Up for hard and normal coal for good price i i think Like Always

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When I log back in a couple of days from now I’ll check the rest of my stock of fossils and sell em to you. Better than just going unused on my shelf.

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Thx , that will Help a Lot , i Go Mining my self but IT IS Not enough to get produced for the existing demand.

Just sold you all my fossils and coal