The First Boundless Library

The First Boundless Library has begun construction.

Here is a sneak peak.

More details to come, stay tuned! :slight_smile:

While I did conceive of the idea.

Zevaryian is now the architect of the project.


Nice! If only we could write books…


Lookin’ good! Be sure to show us the progress :slight_smile:


Did somebody ask for books?


He said write books to put on a shelf is maybe what he was getting at. Those are just props. Kind of a different concept. Maybe it could be turned into a functional prop though. Would be pretty cool.


Heyya! If you got some free time to come watch my stream, The Not So Amazing Adventures Of Zevaryian, on twitch, we’re currently working on the library, and already making quite a bit of progress since we took that photo
:smiley: I hope you join us ^-^

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I’m not streamin anymore by now, but just as more photos of the progress, Ima just leave this here…


Slowly but surely. :smiley:


You could have signs with links on them, which send you to documents/web pages which function as the books …its a work around I suppose.


I’m quite aware of what he asked for, my reading ability is pleanty adequate. This is not just a prop. This is concept art for book shelves, like you might find in a library built by OP. The implications of a book shelf are that it may or may not filled with books.

Props in boundless can absolutely support functionality on interactions exactly like machines (props) already do.

If i may dive into pure speculation, bookshelves may function in a manner similar to standard shelves with a combined storage capacity, but rather than a physical inventory they may order player or dev published books in an alphabetical order or be sorted by an Oorty Dewey Decimal System. Perhaps a simple scroll-through list broken up into category by genre like the knowledge tab.

No matter how they are implemented, book shelves imply the implementation of books. I’m simply sharing old concept art that others here may or may not have seen before.


that would be so cool.


Well for some reason Zion refuses contact with me so I’ll continue to build the library and post the updates soon, as it’s coming along nicely

Is that armor? Armor is a thing? Or have the customization options been beefed up?

Also, if writable books become a thing I would LOVE that! I actually write in my free time (though not as often as I wish I could.)

When the day comes, I might even add the book I’m currently working on. 91 pages so far ^-^

If they were though, imagine writers being paid in game for their books, or for libraries to have copies of them. Then libraries could rent out the books as well.


Its the advances tinting from the gleam club if you’re refering to my character

Oh really? Even more reason to join… might just do that

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Just do it :joy: No but seriously the tinting is pretty awesome

Alos anyone who wants to help work on the Library with me feel free to join me via the PS Portal Hub on Boori in the Xylo Plaza portal. I’m open for taking suggestions on it’s appearance as well as it’s interior design

The progress so far


You’re doing freaking awesome lol