The First Boundless Library

Up to date photos on the current progress being made on the Library


More progress yet to come, but here’s a bit of a check in


A little off topic, but as a writer myself, I must congratulate you on your progress so far! Keep on going! :smile:


Really? How far along are you with your book/books? Any published yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. If I had anything finished, maybe. Just like in video games (I rarely reach end-game), I am just a damn magpie when it comes to new ideas. My brain goes “SQUIRREL!” a lot. I am currently at pg71 on one, 236 on another, then 36 and 25 on #3 and #4. I also am nearly done with a scene list for my brand new idea that I’m prepping for NaNoWriMo.

Now to say something back on topic: We should totally be able to publish little works of fiction and stuff through the game!! It would be so much fun! And we could all become archeologists and anthropologists on these brand new worlds!! I don’t remember who has been posting them, but there were some awesome little snippets of lore of Surfin’ Safari.

My WIP build is “Glass Forest” on Biitula and based of the Geisel Library at UCSD, and I wanna fill it with books so much now!

We neeeeed these book shelves :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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if you guys supoort the library, I would love and deeply appreciate the support on the idea I have for books and bookshelves as well :heart::heart:


haha me too :stuck_out_tongue:. Idk if you’re trying to become published or if you’re doing novels or short stories; i’m trying for both, but i haven’t yet because (1) I haven’t developed enough discipline and (2) boundless is way to addicting.

@Zevaryian how’s the library going?

The Library was torn down due to relocating for my guild at the time, which was a few months ago now. Soon I’ll be back to working on it, building it the way I originally had in mind, with a few minor tweaks of course. Neither here nor there, I apologize for an extremely late response