The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

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Hey all! Many of you know me by now, I am the leader of the Forgemasters guild and for the past week I have run an experiment (which I will continue running, as it happens…) where I am giving away my extremely well forged AoE hammers to dedicated folks who then take those hammers, along with persisting pies and mega strength brews (which I also provide) and mine on t5/t6 planets of their choosing. In exchange, they bring me back 50% of what they mine, and for the past week I have kept a tally of the gems that were brought in. (I didn’t tally up the coal/ores/etc - this would be extremely time consuming and I didn’t want the headache…)

I won’t make you wait in suspense or drag this out extremely overlong, so here’s the skinny - The miners brought back to me a total of 24,871 gems. That’s 69 mass crafts for 3,450 compact gems which are then crafted into 4,750 refined gems. Additionally, I am only tallying the gems that are my portion of the take: Meaning that a total of 49,742 gems were mined in the past week alone by my group of miners!

The reason I am sharing this data is not to brag - Instead, I’d like to just reflect on how well they did in fact do with hammer mining, and the fact that the game is not at all ridiculously impossible to mine in without bombs. Additionally… everyone who is selling gems for 800-1000 each is probably overpriced, but I won’t tell you how to run your shop :man_shrugging: you can come up with an answer for that one on your own.

Anyways, I hope that this data has been interesting for everyone! I’d like to share a few sidenotes…

Topaz/Sapphire are extremely easy to mine, because their high elevation makes it much less likely to run into lava while mining, which is generally the biggest issue. Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst and Rubies on the other hand, are all about the same. They are pretty irritating to mine due to the crazy amounts of lava down in the depths where they are located. Despite this, while Topaz was indeed the highest overall number of gems brought in, the numbers are not crazy skewed towards topaz because I started offering incentives to get the other gems midway through the week to balance the numbers out.

For mining, AoE is the number one boon to get, Durability is second, and from there its a choice between Damage or Action Speed. Action speed will really help you get through the mining process quickly, but if you can get a damage roll that makes your hammer strong enough to single-hit rocks on a t6 world without the strength brew, you can instead use mega fast brew to have the experience of a lifetime disintegrating mountains at a speed hitherto undreamt of. (Thanks Dr Strange!)

Have a good one guys!


Oh snap! How do I get in on this lol.

I don’t think anyone is arguing against hammer mining as being viable, particularly with perfect stats and max level food and all that.

The argument is about whether or not it is A.) fun and B.) accessible.


Its very fun getting this many gems this quickly, I quite enjoy it.It is however very inaccessible and super cost prohibitive. The mega brews, pies, and uber hammers are all super top tier and very expensive.


My point in all this is, for those of us who have the ability to make this work, we should be bringing the price of gems DOWN for those who can’t get afford to do things this efficiently. I’ve kept my tool and coil prices low despite the market for gems being probably at least 200% the price they should be


Uh… so far i only know 2 people can forge the hammer u r talking about.
Maybe more, but i think only 5-8% players in the game have ability to forge that hammer.
Also i think most of them are already trying to lower the price. (like merlin)

Problem is 80% of players in the game so far just start the forge or have problem to play the forge system.

if you lower the price, yes it will benefit for most new players, but it somehow damage mid players who wants to sell gems for their first money as well.

I am not running gem business / grind gems anymore XD So i have nothing to do with those thing.

Just want to share my opinion here :slight_smile:

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Yes, but myself, Merlin, and a few others I am aware of have had this deal available (and posted publicly in the discord a number of occasions) so there’s really no excuse. If you wanted to partake in it, you had a chance… and still do, I suppose :slight_smile:

Topaz also seems to simply spawn more often/densely than other gems

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Some people just don’t talk about it, and don’t sell stuff they mine, or craft. I mean… I can’t be the only one, right? After all, forging toon need to be like what? 20 lvl? 24? And materials for crafts are widely available for gather if you don’t want to buy. The only problematic one for me is Wildstock Trophies, because need to level my hunter, so it can easily kill stuff on T4-6 where Mighty and Elite reside in good quantities.

Well, most of us got our first money by bomb mining.
So we had like all the gear / machines set up before the bomb mining remove from the game.
You need to think about the new players, right now i don’t think they have the environment like we had before to gather their first money in good speed.

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we are talking about the rank 350 or higher hammer with correct state. Not some garbage under rank 300 with only 9 block aoe effect on it.

If your hammer can give you 700+ gems in 1 hour, yes you are one of them.
But i really doubt there are a lot of people can craft this level’s gear in the game so far.
Less than 20 people i think.

Edit: for extra points

Fun is questionable from person to person.

Accessible however, is a flat no. As he pointed out, it was people with max Mining stats, Using highest level potions, with the best highest forged hammers of the highest forged materials.

Literally the best, of the best, of the best. It’s the current ‘Perfect’ Setup. Something 90% of players will never achieve in their entire time of playing most likely.

Especially since people have be claiming all the time that T5-6 worlds are completely empty and constantly always mined out around the clock. So the few people he has running this experiement are probably the ones hording all the loot on those planets.

So even if someone else were to get all those things, they wouldn’t find any gems, their hammers would be wasting durability finding nothing, as the stuff was already found and looted long before they came to the planet.


I agree with everything you wrote. I’m unfortunately spending a majority of my time on other games at the moment and only get on Boundless when my friends who enjoy building get on.


Pretty much the same. I get on to collect Footfall, see if anything sold (Never sold anything), and maybe add a bit to the build to make it a little less ugly, or more ugly, I can’t tell, then that’s it for the day.

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I don’t do consistently 360 hammers, because I don’t need to have a ton of them, one a time is enough and settle for less than perfect hammer, but looking at my stock the highest I got at the moment is 370 rank.

You try to be funny but instead sound very elitist. Or not… really… not sure if should laugh or cry :joy: Take into consideration that I do it all by myself, without friends or guild or whatever.

Also I don’t even mine for an hour at a time, one persisting pie is enough of my time. And with minning all resources I get, not only gems… today’s pie net me 288 emeralds. Enough for me. But I really see no point in getting gems only so I can sell them. Money is worthless in this game.


If nothing is selling, you have one of two problems -

  1. Your shop is too unknown or remote for people to find it - fix by connecting to your local Portal Seekers hub!

  2. Your prices are too high. Fix by lowering them a bit at a time until stuff starts to move


Don’t take Tim too hard, he can come across a bit blunt I don’t think he meant anything personal by it

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inb4 the threadnaught

I try to match the price with my neighbers, those I can’t I go out and find the lowest price I can and match it.

As for connections, I A, can’t afford keeping a portal open, and B the shop right next to me does have a portal, and they can see my shop right next to his so not as needed.

They’re not, you just need to find a good spot. You don’t need to have a biggest brightest hotspot on atlas to get lot of gems. In a smaller not as bright spot you can still net ~200 gems per persisting pie, not to mention all other resources. If you need coal and titanium then obviously diamonds are the one to go for.

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