The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

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Read what I said ‘People have been claiming’. I’ve seen you on the forums as much as I am. I’m sure you’ve seen the people claiming about going to T5 and T6 worlds and not able to find any gems, and that the planets are constantly full of caves created by people already mined there.

Then in a few of them people were speculating that the Regen script is broken, regenning rocks instantly but resources like coal, gems, and so on is much slower, and keeps stopping or resetting when people costantly come back, see the rocks respawn and think everything respawns, so redigs the area, find nothing and leave. Rocks respawn isntantly, and resources are slower and repeats.


I find it strange that the main argument seems to be that new players dont have access to top tier end game items.

It could be just me, but i dont think its completely unheard of in a game that when you first start out you’re at a low level, and you play the game to progress.

Just because only 20 people have reached that level in the first month doesn’t mean anything is broken. It means you have at least a months entertainment for your money. Last thing anyone should wish for is this game to turn into a 5 hour progression to do/obtain everything. That will kill it very quickly for everyone.


At the same time you don’t want to plug in 300 hours and be where you were at 5 hours.


If you put in 300 hours and you’re at the place you were at 5 hours in, you’re doing something wrong.


Is he doing something wrong? Or is it showing that the game is broken?


Thank you Aridhol. You have provided me with practically all of my coils at decent prices, and offered a place for me to sell items at decent prices.


Well I’m about 150 hours in and level 40. I’m not trying to power level or anything. Some days I gather leaves, some days I build, some days I fight monsters. The leveling happened on its own. If you haven’t progressed in 295 hours, you’re doing something wrong.


Iron > Iron mate. Obviously stocked up on other things but in terms of sustainable progression there’s not much further we can go as casual players who might only get about 6 hours or under a day.


I wish I could get 6 hours a day. I have a full time job.


I don’t think there’s any question that high level forging is necessary in order to make mining enjoyable and fruitful. To me that means that either forging or forge-less mining needs to be more forgiving.


Me too mate. Keep trying to spend as much spare time as possible in the game to get to a level where I can get power coils for my friends I got into the game. I’m not trying to get into an argument over who spends more time or who’s better or how time should be spent in the game. Merely saying, for my time spent playing the game right now and at the level of income I have via low footfall, buying titanium or above tools or any sort of food is just not something that will be happening any time soon.


I suggest you to find some rare materials to sell to store first.
And make those money to buy your first power coils.
Right now those are not too expansive on merlin’s shop.

Or you can ask merlin / aridohl if they are still hiring minions XD
It will be easier for you to speed up the process i think :slight_smile:


You share nice information and that is great amount of gems to get in one week. I hope to see that gem prices would go around 300-400 or even lower, then those are affordable enough for everyone.

Topaz and sapphire are safer to mine but they don’t give that heavy damage like those gems that you can find near lava levels :slight_smile:


Well I experience it a lot as I mine a lot (single block hammers for me)
I can spend UP TO an hour (prolly a 15 min average) finding a spot not covered in chisel blocks, craters or 3x3 tunnels. When I find a spot with resources, it’s a 50/50 if there are any gems at all. Do gems spawn slower than ores?
I’m ocd like so I make sure I miss no rock.
/Rubys are an exception, those are attracted to me. Got 2 mass crafts of adv coils going and can make many more.


Theres a big difference between not being able to do something, and not being able to do something as fast as other people.

The game isnt at all broken… peoples patience is. I hope they never reduce the grind. I paid good money for this game and i love the fact it has potential to entertain me for 100s of hours. Thats pretty rare these days. A lot of AAA games have a 5 hour story, which makes it about a $20 an hour investment. This game is literally in the cents per hour of entertainment category. Please dont ruin that for me!


I have a shop up. But “rare” materials aren’t being bought by anyone because everyone can gather and kill to get orbs and trophies but only certain people can get gems. Economy is extremely imbalanced b/c classes are imbalanced.


I totally agree with you, but nothing you can do unless dev change the balance again.
So why don’t you sell the trophies and other rare materials, so you can make some money as well. :slight_smile:


Did you not read the post you’re replying to?

I have a shop up.

I am selling trophies and rare materials.

I have sold none despite low prices because everyone can farm these things themselves. The only thing worth buying at the moment is gems.


still taking max miners? I can only provide so much in my little shop myself and could use a boost :slight_smile:


where is your shop?