The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

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It’d be nice if you told us how many hours, what type of hammers, how many players, or anything else that quantifies the amount of gems. You said the equivalent of:

“Guys, I found out that bomb mining isn’t nerfed that bad if you have an unprecedented (and undisclosed) army of players with hammers!”

You want to see how many gems I’ve gotten since August 17th? (Minus power coils, totaling about 300 gems in the back) It’s not pretty.

I am a solo player. I make my own everything, minus a few purchases here and there. I used to be able to afford gems, but with the price spike now that isn’t an option. I use AoE Titanium because that’s all I can afford. I have been having a very very very hard time mining for gems. I have a life outside of Boundless, so I can’t spend all day figuring out how to get gems. I know I am definitely not alone in the trouble of finding them. I have a total of almost 300 hours spent mostly crafting and mining, so it’s not an issue related to that. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. In the past I’ve had a lot of patience in EA and got plenty of gems in even less time, but now… I get maybe 10-20 gems a trip and spend even more time mining, possibly 3-4 hours a trip. I don’t know what to do. In the past I wasn’t even using bomb mining, so I’m not blaming that. Something changed, I don’t know what, but something did. Maybe it’s the influx of players? No idea. I’m probably done playing for awhile until prices cool down and the devs get through their to-do list.


hey man, ill help you out. It can be difficult for sure. I got all my basic necessities so i have no problem showing you de wey to better gem mining if you want to come for a trip with me sometime :smiley: sometimes you jsut need to employ a few different methods


Let me know pofs i’d be down to go on a gem mining trip with some other players


someone did it for me and i can finally pay it forward now. Are you established and offering to be a leader with me? or asking for help? i mean regardless id be down to do a weekly gem mining session of some kind for new players or simply resource gathering @Salvy


Amazing work aridhol and all the forgemaster miners. Incredible results lol. That takes a lot of trust and work to accomplish.


You are a good person. We lobbies need more folks like you around


I’m pretty esbalished I make all my own tools, don’t need help. Just interested in doing mining with others. Pretty boring solo


What do you think about hosting a resource gathering type of event, how like meteor hunts happen, but help people learn how to find certain materials and such or something to that effect? other than that im about to go mining put an hour or so in if you’d like to join @Salvy


That’d be interesting, I’m open to that.


And I’ll tag along just need to find some persisting pie and mega strength brews. Do you know if you’re able to take them together? Forged a 3x3 hammer and wanna try it out


im pretty sure you can have 1 brew buff and 1 food buff as well as well fed up at once. i think brews last 10 minutes each now regardless of tier? and pies last 40 minutes so youd need about 4 brews or so


Tested that with the xp buff + well fed and they do not stack. I dunno about brew buffs and food buffs.


did you use meats to get well fed? or a risotto or something that give welld fed buff for extended time


ok, ill be waiting, are you down to look for emeralds?


All persisting foods last 30 minutes without points in Zeal, with full Zeal they last ~44 minutes.

I tested it with Earthyam Risotto.

I thought any buff cannot stack, and you can only have 1 buff and 1 debuff at a time, disregarding the buff where your health is 90%+ that gives passive healing. Forget the name.


persisting pie lasts for 40 minute, loafs last for 30 minutes i believe. i timed the pie twice. and earthyam risotto gives well fed 3 which is a food buff in itself that would overwrite your xp buff. you can eat cooked earthyams and meats to get max energy back and get well fed buff for a few minutees


Never went past rubies and diamond worlds but if you know some good alt I’ll join


I can take you mining for any gem you want


Emerald or amethyst works, I’m ready when you are


Can you meet me at aqua hub outside of besevrona portal?