The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

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Sure thing


Im at the portal now :slight_smile:


17 participating miners. Hammers are absolutely fantastic 330+ ranked aoe diamond hammers.

This game is a lot of fun, but I don’t think its meant to be played solo. There’s too many things to do to accomplish it all alone unless you are ready for a very long and sometimes trying grind.

Fortunately this is an MMO and other players abound in great numbers - find likeminded folks and work together, or at least make some semi collaborative pacts to share some resources that each of you needs.

I find that if people work together they can accomplish great things… go figure :slight_smile:


I agree fully on this. People come to Ultima and peddle gems off trying to get 800+ per gem. Yet they are only worth 500 at most. People act like cause bomb mining is currently dead, that it means gems are worth double. This isn’t the case and those people are only inflating the prices of everything that requires gems by attempting to inflate gem prices out of greed. I was joking with Sere last night about how we should just stop forging and just farm emerald and sell it for 800 a piece since it’s so profitable.


Yeah right I could sell my gems and probably make out pretty well but then who would make coils and tools to get more gems? Lol


Well other people on the forum would say “who cares. Money is all that matters to me”. But people like you, me, Sere, and a few others are actually trying to be helpful and provide the stuff people need at fair prices.


Hmm, the hammer + forge materials + needed coils + 4 megabrews + 1 persisting pie

Around 80k worth, plus the need of all coil types, which takes tons of titanium and gems to make …

Well, if this gives 300 gems, a titanium hammer 3x3 gives 100 gems, a normal gem hammer gives 60 gems … then you must be rich to become rich. And be in endgame to get to endgame. Sigh, the only thing this thread shows is that eventually rich players will be super rich, and normal players won’t earn enough to buy from rich players :confused:


i buy one titanium 3x3 after 10min in work is this hammer destroyed and i have 10K rock :)))(i use next 2 hours only iron hammers ) 900 iron 850 cooper 68 silver 52 gold 25 titanium and few coal from Till When i create from all metal bars and sell all (without golds silver and titanium) i have 30% price what i spend to 1 3x3 titanium hammer really nice.
next day i buy again this hammer AOe is nice BUT i go test minig amethyst and emerald after destroyed titanium 3x3 i destroy next 18 iron hammes and after 4 hours i have 70 amethys and 52 emeralds very few iron and 5 silver and now wheni read thsi post must laugh. TOP diamond hammer 3x3 with top food and many more say here how is easy take gems hahahaha start game now with new char without any and say it again after week


Aridhol sells great forged tools at a nice price! you pretty much always get your money back and then some after a high end forged tool


What a lot of people are missing is the progression aspect in this. I’m not trying to say any new player can achieve this easily… but they can achieve it.

I had to grind with iron hammers for well over a week on Serpensarendi to get my first diamonds to start making power coils. Then slowly but surely I grinded all the gems I needed to make every type of coil, on my own, and it took a lot of time

But it’s an achievable endgame, and you benefit from the work I put in by the results now - I sell cheap coils so you don’t have to grind gems if you don’t want to. There are easier ways to make money at the moment for sure


Well…That certainly explains why gems have been extremely hard to find. Sooo let me get this straight. You gave a bunch of people aoe hammers and brews that are extremely end game and sent them out to stripmine the very few planets in existence that have gems in exchange for 50% of the profit? Sounds great for those miners, and absolutely horrible for everyone else doing it to advance to that point. This has effectively ruined if not all chances for soloists and those without power to advance until more gem planets are put in because now you have exponentially and artificially increased the number of powerful aoe forged miners by several times over. No atlas will ever be accurate on those planets again, and the absolute only way to compete now is to be an end game miner with the best of tools available…GG man… GG. Now the wait for more gem planets is even more of a burden and likely won’t be relieved until there are multiple more due to the increase in aoe miners all of a sudden.


I dunno. My friends have no issues getting gems. There’s a looooot of places in the world you know. Just try going to one of those.


What are you prices for the 3x3 hammers? And what pricing for coils? I’m currently grinding it out to get them but may buy a few to get started


IIRC it was 15k per coil and forged prices vary with boons


Power coil Price is good, I’m still fairly new so maybe a bit rich for me right now though … perhaps I’ll come look at the hammer selections, I think I can get immediate return on that… where’s the shop?


it seems pointless at this point in saying anything. Maybe this game just isn’t ready for casuals yet. Maybe in a year it will be better.


Are you taking any new members into your guild? I love mining (I find it really relaxing and love watching movies while I do it).


I’m casual, don’t have the time to commit more than an hour or 2 a day max; career and family, but I play because I like the game. I don’t expect I’ll ever get as far as these other players but I find my way. It’s mostly just a way to relax and unwind and interact with a nice community for me.


Are you aware the hammers he provide go for 39k?


Nope lol… guess that’s out for now as well… I’ll stick to titanium I guess…