The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

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The good thing is theres a system where he provides other very important and useful items to make your experience very rewarding and that buyin not bad at all, plus you dont need coin to start with them. I think on stand go for 20-30k though if you pay coin


I have only been able to forge AOE hammers to 370 as well. Has anyone been able to go higher than that?


What is your forging process if you dont mind me asking?


Hammer mining comparison
I haven’t mined s lot, but I Thought I would do some quick math to estimate comparing a beginning gem miner to these best equipment miners.
Using what I remember from When I first went to serpensarindi, I was a mess, I had points in crafting, armor, atmosphere, only 8 power and power epic, no hammer skills, plain iron hammer.
It took 3-4 hits to break rock will use 3 for calculations, 7 for resource, about 1 swing per second.

Compare to Miner with best equipment, 1 hit to break 9 rock, 2? Hits for resources, about 3 swings per second.

For calculations estimate 10 blocks long tunnel between resources seams, 5 block resource seam.

Beginner, 2 high 1 wide tunnel, 60 hits to find seam, 35 to gather resources, total 95 seconds, after 30 minutes roughly 20 seams found, 100 resource blocks gathered.
If one third of resources are gems, 2 gems per block, that would be 66 gems.

Best equipped miner, 3x3 tunnel, 10 hits to find seam, 10 to gather resources, 3.3 seconds to find seam, 3.3 seconds to gather resources, total 6.6 seconds, after 30 minutes roughly 270 seams found, 1350 resource blocks gathered.
If one third gems, 2 gems per block, that would be 900 gems.

Ballpark estimate indicates Over 10 times as many gems as a beginner.

Disclaimer: this was done on my phone, could be typos and math errors.


Ok its not that efficient, most some players have gathered is 1000 gem in 60 minutes


I have never gathered 1000 gems that quickly, even with the old bomb mining. Seems to be a bit embellished


Just an estimate for comparing how much difference between beginner and best equipped.
Also I didn’t take into account stopping for energy, or changing direction or altitude.


Probably, but then again i remember seeing a post by someone saying they made 1800 gems alone in an hour with bombs, which i just dont beleive either as i made 140 gem an hr in the day or two i got to use bombs.

And ive still yet to make past 140gems an hr with a 3x3 hammer


I was a heavy bomb miner when it was going well. And was still bomb mining after the nerf for some time untill i just got tired of killing resources and only getting a gem or two. And ya i can def say that i never seen that many gems in one go still to this day. Even with hours of mining.


To every miners that did that, How do you manage the excessive amount of steak you have to eat ? i find this pretty boring and tedious.


I got 360 emeralds twice today everything’s working for me. Never did bomb mining either so idk what I was missing.


Yea. I hate that part. A lot. I do wish I could have a nice risotto with my pie. I go through a TON of cooked Earthyams.


cooked earthyam holy


I really like mining, i can sit there and mine for hours, but this is so much turning me off.


Is there a reason you can’t buy or make high level food that gives a bunch of stamina?


Well with these kind of tools you want to use persisting food the get the most out of it


Oh I see, it doesn’t stack.


I have hit 900 gems in just over 40 minutes Topaz/Sapphire so It doesn’t scale in relation to any other gem but definitely not embellished to hit that in an hour.

#99 check us out


1: So this is why all the t6 planets are just as holed now as when everyone bomb mined :stuck_out_tongue:

2: Getting to good AOE hammers with strength potions AND persisting food is not something an average player will do until very late in the game, so saying this can go instead of bomb mining for a mid game player is simply false. Even if you did know all this as a newer mid game player, and decided to break the mid game “wall” using this method, you’d need quite a coin investment to do so, buying all of the above mentioned items.

I am personally using this exact method, and while my emerald hamemers only has AOE (not dur or damage), it is indeed very viable, and i am not missing bomb mining at all anymore. But getting to this point was very very time consuming, and this even WITH the fact that i bought all my first sets of adv coils for 4k each, and had a lot of help from early access PC players that were much further in the game when i started (on ps4).

I started with 2 RL friends that are currently struggling extremely hard with breaking this mid game wall, and it’s frustrating them so much, and is feeling so much like a job instead of a game, that they are considering leaving the game (and this is players that absolutely LOVE grinding/survival/building games).

So while the point that this method is good, and can in fact replace bomb mining just fine, it absolutely does NOT fix the issue of the absolutely broken mid game right now.

my 2c