The Forgemasters Mining Team - commentary on a post bomb mining universes

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If they don’t think mining is fun then why do it? There are tons of other activities that are more fun and pay as well. Im just in complete disbelief that so many players continue to grind through an activity when there are many other options available in game.


There aren’t actually that many other acitivities tbh…
And not mining cuts you off from a huge part of the game. So that argument kinda makes no sense to me. That it puts you at a “complete disbelief” puts me at a complete disbelief tbh.


The game is perfectly ready for casuals now …as long as those casuals dont expect to be running around with top tier tools and coils in there their first week


This actually chaps my buttocks pretty hard… Not you personally at all, but the fact that I would eat an 8x8 plot full of mud for enough gems for power coils, and some folks can afford to use them on TOOLS! TOOLS THAT BREAK! Blows my mind.

The struggle is real to get past iron, let me tell you.


It’s worse, some use them for decoration. They’d probably use them as toilet paper if they could cut it wafer thin.


Because how else are you going to get enough resources to sell to get 30k for tools or 15k for power coils? Building is out (it generates no coin), you need resources to craft, gathering and mining are the same activity (mindless grind), so what does that leave hunting?


Gems are worth a fortune, which makes mining ungodly profitable… Unfortunately the other types can’t say the same. There is no special tree bark worth multiple hundreds of dollars. Animal parts, etc, are worth very little. We can’t forge anything to increase these drops to a level where hunter specialists, or gather specialists, can compete. In the end, the only way to make money, is by mining… And even that is screwed up because of a lack of resources. Ultimately, you are forced to mine, and you are forced to craft…otherwise its no sustainable at all.


Y’all need to watch jiivita and his new stream on tuesdays. You complain about the grind that you gave to mine or else you’ll never get past iron… jiivita made a new character and by level 12 was buying titanium furnaces and tools. From farming items that shop owners are buying. You don’t have to mine. If your dedicated you can find titanium tools for 1500. And yes hunting is a way to gain coin. Trophies are very sought after and if you can’t get one You can still sell bones and meats eyeballs etc. just find yourself a buyer. Lots of folks also buy specific rock soil or tree trunks. Sometimes at 2 or 3 c a piece. Go grind 1 full smart stack and boom. Titanium tool. Not to add the sap and bark or opals etc gained. Wich bark sells at 100c easy.


please stop …i have mined 47gems total so far in my time playing this game, I have purchased 4 adv workbench coils and 2 adv refinery coils, by selling to a few request baskets and a small shop. Its not that hard ,its not supper quick and it is a little bit of a grind(not a bad thing).
The constant complaining about what vets have etc is pointless,they all started with nothing to


You do realize how long 1 single tool lasts right? The devs said this isn’t suppose to feel like a god damn job. I don’t want to have to spend all my time working to buy tools to continue WORKING. Why the hell would I grind to keep grinding? Thats stupidly messed up by design and is the epitaph of work itself. You are literally telling me to work at mcdonalds when i’m telling you the minimum wage is a problem. “Well if you flip burgers you can afford to eat” I DONT WANT TO JUST EAT! I WANT TO SURVIVE AND THRIVE Stop telling people to be content with a broken system. WE are complaining because IT IS A PROBLEM. Telling us to not complain will not fix the issue. It will get rid of the population. It will kill the game. I suppose if thats what you want then fine, keep sipping the koolaid, can’t wait to see you at the Server Shutdown Final Event party.


Good question. Then why do you ?


Tree bark is very profitable. You need a ton of it for health potions and it easily can be sold for 50c ea getting 250 bark in an hour just bark alone. Because people try selling it for 200c ea and nobody really farms it to sell. Bam 12.5k in bark, another 5k in wood


I’m not telling you to be content with the game to fix a problem… I’m telling you there is no problem. You realize you me jiivita countless others here are all playing the same game right? So I know where your at I’ve been there myself I grounded through it. And still am grinding through it. I still bug my tools so yes I do know how fast they break.

Honestly I’d like to hear what your “fix” for this so called problem is? Make the grind easy? Well then why would anyone buy and sell if it was so easy you could just look at a tree and collect smart stacks?

What did you expect from the game when you bought it? Day 1 lvl 1 mini-sefer runs around chips down 100 trees day 7 lvl 50 boss man-Sefer living in a mansion built from your 100 trees sitting on a Throne of gleam while your peasants bring you free emerald hammers?

And if there is a server shut down party which if the game ever happened to die I hope the devs are saving up for an epic party I will buy you a beer. Scratch that I’ll give you the water the hops the grains the yeast and you can craft one yourself.


I’ve seen request baskets buying bark at 100 a piece. So when I run around a world and cut my trees down cause I want to build my tree fort I take my 50 bark sell it and smile and my stack of coin and a tree house


When one person reaches end game, they should not be able to hog an entire planets resources. End game is broken, and these extravagant examples should have been clear indicators. Merin proved rock farming was broken with end game items, and even made an outrageous statement about it by making a video of him taking a noob all the way up to 50 in just a few hours. Aridhol made a show of force by distributing godly ranked tools and brews to players to stripmine gems from the few planets available. 18 players with tools they shouldn’t have, suddenly infesting the very few end game planets and amassing crazy amounts of gems. Though it wasn’t entirely charity on his part, he got to keep 50% of what they got. Now we have a bigger problem on our hands. Those of us struggling the grind can’t get any god damn gems, because the forged tool miners have been artificially inflated and now theres holes everywhere where gems SHOULD be. Being mined at rates that atlas’s cant handle, and neither can regeneration because the devs didn’t plan on 1 god tier player orchestrating a mass stripmining of a 0.20% and less resource on the only planets of their kind! It wasn’t meant to be this scarce of a resource. Over time as players reached higher levels more planets would have rolled on pushing the gods to the higher tiers and allowing the new high levels to have a stake at the claim that the old ones had. Here, why don’t I help open your eyes about the problem.

I could keep going through thread after thread, but I think this should be enough proof that the system is broken right now.

No Man's Minecraft?

All of that and you didn’t answer either question. Additionally you complain about the grind and then complain about how others who have the issue found a way to push through the grind. Additionally you complain about the grind and then complain about someone going from noob to maxed quickly.

Again. I’m in the same boat you are and I’ve managed to find gems and resources and save up and sell and buy things. You spent like an hour finding people complaining about a system and didn’t even offer a resolution.

What do you want? If you were given a gem hammer would you be happy and content?


After today’s many attempts to extract gems, I’m done. Forever
I wanted to find rubies. I bought 2 titanium hammers 3x3. For one I paid 20k.
and I had another 20 iron hammers.
for the first hour I found only huge tunnels everywhere I tried.
for the second hour I only mined rocks and iron, no ruby.
both titanium hammers were long destroyed and I did not have one ruby.
I changed the place about 6x, always as bright as possible. But I still just hit tunnels from other players.
after 5 hours, I had 9,000 rocks, 350 iron, 400 copper, some coal, but not one ruby ​​or other gem. I was very upset about it, there is no chance.
and then I will see 2 players using 3x3 diamond hammers. Ask how much did you find ruby ​​or diamond? answer - we have 1000+ gems after two hours.
40k i create 1-2 weeks i havent time play everyday.and solo i can only mined iron cooper coal or very few golds silver on t4 world.This attempt took me the last hope. I play this game one month and when i see how pls who play years built buildigs from diamonds and other gems i cry this really isnt fun for ppls as me. Havent 5 alts i havent time play 12/24 every day with 10 friends and i really havent money to buy better tools every day i can only build iron tools and go mined basic material. and this really is no not offer more for me now :frowning:


Right I’ve been quoted in here and honestly, I feel it’s out of context.

Yes, it is frustrating to try and search for a mining site to find it’s been bomb mined out to oblivion, I find I spend more time scouting for them then actually mining.

It is ‘more’ frustrating when I’m trying to get into a mining spot to find someone’s already claimed the whole mountain for the purposes of mining.

Despite these obstacles, and without having access to bombs at all, I’ve advanced power coiled up all of my machines and have enough diamonds to keep me stocked in hammers for a long time, it did take a while, it took a lot of investment of materials and time but dammit it should.

IMO the things that need working on are the regeneration, I think a nightly server clean sweep should be on the cards, and more planets with gems on them, and the atlas should update more often.

I think it’s only an issue if you expect to walk away from a mining trip that took you an hour and you have enough high level materials to destabilize an economy.


You can trade for it. Or you can gather other resources and sell, in order to buy them. Or you can hunt for oortstones. And given it’s 3 of them playing together, then they can pool their resources to make things easier in any number of ways. I’m solo and I managed to get my coils without ever having to mine/grind for gems.

He was pretty firm in his response to my remark about disbelief. Given that, I don’t think there’s anything I can say to convince him or his friends that there’s more than one way to skin a cat in this game.


Straw man is made of straw. If you have a real argument, please make it, but presenting the other side as “Lul, you’re just lazy and want everything handed to you” isn’t helping anyone. If you think the grind is fine, explain why you think so.

I will eat my hat if the intended progression in this game is to get to iron hammers and then chip away on Serp for hours and hours to get titanium/diamonds. There has to be a way for players to make the jump to end game outside of “just buy it” (the economy to too decentralized for this to be efficient). Or, if this is intended gameplay, I’d like to see a dev make that argument so I can uninstall.