The Fustration and The How

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Honestly, it is frustrating trying to return to play this game, only to find that major nodes for resources are nearly completely Beacon’d up. I can only assume it’s by people no longer even actively playing this game.

I didn’t think it was possible but the invention of a pay to win sandbox game really exists.

How is one suppose to progress in a game where every, waking moment, is an agony meta grind resource hunting and an inability to collect said resource under lock down of another?

Not shocked at the crash and burn mentality.

Did I see a Boundless millionaires club thread? seriously?

I am a builder, a creator, a person that loves making the most of a sandbox game by creating grand designs.

This game… one of the VERY few I play that has a destruction timer on a public realm, just makes me feel regret for wanting to build and let my mind explore, but have to stop midway because I can’t even make my own tools without the resources that are open and free to gather.

That’s my rant. That’s my thoughts. This game has changed very little in spirit since launch, the greed and opportunism is palatable. I regret gifting this game to so many of my steam friends list members. What a waste.


Hiya, @RangerSyphon, welcome to the forums! :wave: :slight_smile:

OK, first up, lemme ask two things:

  1. Where are you based.
  2. What are you after?

Perhaps I can help you find it! I do love a good mission.

Or perhaps some others can help you source what you need, and I don’t mean by selling it to you. :slight_smile:

Added to which some folks are just so insanely kind that they’d give you stuff (maybe not if you asked, but you know what I mean) … I’ve had a lot of generosity in game. :slight_smile:

Also; if you believe that people are griefing or not playing within the spirit of the game, you can use the in game tools to report them.

I’d report something like this if I thought it was the only place to get a particular resource.


This game is on its last leg, bruh. Beacon fuel or plotted resources should be the least of your worries at this point.


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There’s no shortage of resources out there, fella. There’s 50 planets in the permanent universe and about 300 sovereign planets. Many, if not most, of the sovereign planets permit gathering resources. Many are connected to TNT network and even have portals on them to various resource spots.


I do not disagree. The game helps my brain unwind from a long day of work. Mindless breaking things and building things is my go to, but you’ve been right about this statement for a few years now.


Problem is, the initial frustrations of inability to obtain relevant resources coupled with the massive decline in community connections did not then, and does not now, help with finding the path to just get to the resources. For Godsake, just looking for titanium is a nightmare currently, and the many posts I’ve gone through just suggesting “buying it, it’s easier” is ridiculous, and not entirely wrong.

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I think If you read that thread you’d be surprised to see it’s actually more about how to make money, and how much the richer players give away - along with much discussion how it’s kinda irrelevant. I had 30m, I gave most away and also ran around new player shops buying stuff to help out

Don’t judge a conversation by its title. Especially what you think might me a good topic lol (bit of a dig about some of the rantfests here)


i dont know what level are you and where you are at in the game, you will get a lot of titanium in t5-t6 chill world. T4 planets are really bad for titanium.


Same here. FWIW I completely understand some of your frustrations; didn’t intend to come off as dismissive, if I did.

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Oh, on a side note. It IS much better to just buy titanium. Gold, silver gems etc sell for waaaay more (or did when I last played) and are far simpler to farm. Go gather those, sell em and buy the titanium

if your lower level, copper provably sells for more too and is easier to get

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Short answer: I started a base on Alder, from Kada. I am after the ability to craft AOE and magnetic tools for gathering and resource building, so i can create again.

Longer Answer:
I don’t have the exploration portion of the game experience to determine this to be a true statement, with regard to the only spot to gather this resource. I don’t believe that to be true either. I just have that planetary experience in the game. I understand the resource gathering at its basic and maybe a little more than that.

I was a builder that was part of guilds that were supportive and we had roles. Now I’m on my own with a friend or two and I have little to no idea where to go or what to do about getting tools. I stay building with like copper or stone tools at this point. I have a relic tool from another time, a hammer purchased by a master tool crafter (to me) that I don’t use just hold for the buffs on it. That was my last major tool of value and purpose.


I didn’t know that. Thank you for the insight!

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If you want to go exploring for good mines, or anything, really, I’d be happy to join you for a jaunt. :slight_smile:

Either way, my advice would be to just keep on trucking and buy the tools that you need as and when you need them.

That would be two part:

  1. Before your current set expire.
  2. When you have enough cash to bump up your stock.

I think you should be able to make enough cash simply by levelling, but one thing I do is a very occasional hunt. I REALLY don’t enjoy hunting, but through hunting I can get enough stuff to either sell, or make stuff for myself. :slight_smile:

Also, keep an eye out for in-game competitions run by the richer players. You might well make a load of cash, or get nice tools, even if you are as unlucky as I am … and I am VERY unlucky!

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Anyways even with with all the plotting, pretty sure you can get what ever you want. You need to know where to look at, and there is still exoworld you can go to some are great for ressources some not but they all have ungathered resources in there.

Even if the game is dying or w/e, this is still the same state that i was playing before there is nothing less in resources maybe less people to trade with. Everything is doable solo which i did for a long time, like is aid you need to know where to look at.

IF you need any help on how to get any type or resources you can ask and i am sure someone can help you.

You don’t need to buy anything, everything is gatherable.


For easy titanium: from TNT hub at Circ, go through the big Serpensarindi portal at the bottom. Look around the corner to the right for the Paka’s Diamond Mine portal. Titanium there, and you will get diamonds and coal too.

If you keep going through TNT’s high level network to Alcyon, you will see a portal for Paka’s Palace, I have open sovereigns for gems and other stuff there. I did that because it used to be before sovereigns and when the player base was higher, the problem of people blocking off resources was a lot worse, one of the only things in the game that really upset me and had me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: at times.

I also love mindless mining and gathering too! :grin: I find it very relaxing and healing, love to chill out with music to it.

At this point, I don’t understand why the devs won’t just let us rent worlds for the special stuff too, for building since some things and colors are so rare and so few playing now. It is the one thing that flies in the face of some of us speculating that they are just milking Boundless at this point, as a couple of us have made it clear we would throw good money at them for this. I don’t care if they are milking me, they could cuss me out and call me the most annoying twit on the planets and tell me to go roast myself in @georgegroeg’s lava pits… and I would still happily hand over a few hundred for a color cycling world for us to gather from for a few days! :rofl:


Hey. I’m pretty sure I talked to you when you first came back. As you’re built on the far outskirts of my place. You had just put down your beacon and I told you to put fuel in it. Either way. If you need anything I’m more then happy to help you out with tools and materials to get you going. I don’t want coin or anything as that’s not really the way I play the game.
The next time I see you on I’ll grab you some supplies to help you get going. I’ll even pay for a portal to help get you easier access to some networks so you can travel to the planets you need to get to for the materials you’re looking for. And don’t be bitter about anyone who’s a millionaire. Lol. None of that matters. And those people are like me and have been playing since 2018 and they’ve earn every C. :v::beers:


Like I said, it’s a rant, sheer frustration like screaming into the wind. I don’t expect anything out of it, just it out of me.

I appreciate the offer. I started playing this in 2018 but burnt myself out when a guild of buds stopped playing. I will work with what I have until I get burnt out again and lose another beacon. Thank you for the offer.

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If you are looking for titanium there is a sov planet called Hyrule (think its the right spelling) off of Alcyon (TNT network). They have a portal up in that hub and its rich with titanium AND hard coal… I spent about an hour or so and came out with about 3ish ss of titanium (wasn’t really looking for it but picked up anyways) and a fair amount of ss of hard coal… hope this helps :slight_smile:

Link I use to find richest planet with resources…


Yep, Hyrule is one of my planets, there are a couple portals at my hub there too! :grin:


I’m not going to lie I use more of the sov planets for mining then the perm ones… A good chunk of the sov planets available were made by players specifically for mining… @bucfanpaka is one of the well known (and loved) players who has done this for our community :smiley: