The Gathering

Lot of people are all like “I’m aloooone in the woooooorld” when they play.

Maybe it’s a turn off for some and so I’ve decided, why don’t we get everyone who reads this post and of course your friends who don’t like reading to all gather on saturday, ya this saturday, and see just how many of us there are?

So I hope anyone who attended saw more players than ever, I certainly saw more than usual. This event will occur every Saturday, but please if you guys have previously attended, I would appreciate if you could help with any organization for the event, ideas to make it more fun, guiding arriving players to the build/mini-game location and synchronizing times, quite a few people showed up at some point but not many people showed up at once.

Maybe if someone works on an amazing maze or a grappling hook challenge throughout the week, we can try to beat it and get the best time, something to get away from just building since not everyone is interested in that.

For anyone who showed up after around 2pm Texas time, I apologize that I couldn’t be there I had an event in real life to attend.


I think it would be cool if instead of just a one time thing, if after the update we could get a large amount of people to roam off together on some random world and set up a base somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

It has to happen a first time to happen again. Let’s make it happen.

Saturday sounds great. If my gf does not interfere I will be online at afternoon european time (cuz of nightshift). Let’s wait with the chosing of the location until the patch had been rolled up (new textures - new look ;)).

How far ahead is Europe compared to America time wise?

4 hours ahead of NY, 7 ahead of CA.

if the wednesday update is exciting enough I’ll be there.

About 5 to 8 hours ahead of the US (Britain -1 each). But if you want to make it at the afternoon as well, that should be no problem for me. May be some other europeans can’t wait till eve as well and we make a meeting earlier :wink:

@Hiyosup Your topic, You choose the world!
Make it an all day, play when you can get there.
i suggest we make this
Thanks to @Bobmcbobzorz for that inspiration!


I’ll join :smiley: I’m bringing the cake!


All day long sounds great ^^ … may be somebody gives a Teamspeak server to join for that happening. It should have at least 3 channels :wink:

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I’m in! :smiley:

Eh sure. why not :smile:

PS: i cannot build even if my life depended on it xD

If you come up with a time, let me know!
If I can make it, I’ll be there ready to record :slight_smile: Not sure if I’ll be in the teamspeak though.

I don’t mind having it be an all day event, however I still would like to find players most available times, to ensure no one is too late to the party. It would be a shame to get on just as most people are leaving. I understand that not everyone has the same time zone so there may be several major gatherings in one day.

That is a great image, and would make for an amazing build, if you can find a spot that would fit the image we can all migrate from our meeting location. (put a few signs along the way or a path so no one loses us)

Could have a boat party at the Sedatars spawn :wink:

Maths are so tricky.
6p Eu time is noonish in the states…
Does this look like it could be a jump in point?

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Hopefully player tokens come in with update 100!
would be most excellent if we could get " a bag of bens" before we break the servers!
@ ben did issue the specific challenge of trying to crash the servers!

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YACHT PARTY ON SEDATARS!! WOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOOWOO! We can take the after party to my light-palace.