The Golden Fist!


We have finally got the centraforge going strong and achieved our dream shop specializing in golden fists. it is aptly named ‘The Golden Fist’ (previously known as Golem). Accessed from the Grovidas Te Portal Seekers hub on the North side. To mark the opening we have put 200k in the buy baskets (need more spitter eyes, paying 100c, buying 500). We have good golden fists for low level players too (as low as 500c) and the ‘Gold Standard’ of golden fists for the high level players (damage, crit, range 7000c) as well as other battle-oriented items. We really enjoy hunting and want to spread the love of war. Pair one with your slingbow to optimize your fighting style.

The Traveler’s Fist is one of two weapons in the game and is worthy of more attention. It shoots perfectly straight and can get great range and damage. I can snipe road runners before they see me, one-hit T6 mighty cuttletrunks from 30 blocks away, mine gleam, wood, foliage, and blocks on my mega-builds from afar. All for a cheaper price than the forged slingbows (which are also great, i prefer the shottys).

Without further ado, i present. The Golden Fist


Refined Coal 200c (coal prices based on spark value)
Shimmering Orbs 75c
Ancient Vital Essence 1c
Revive Augments 50c
Persisting Pie 888c
Teaching Pies 999c
All the fists! 500c to 7000c
Plain fists 250c (if you want to forge your own)

Spitter Eyes 100
Spicy Beans 20
Salpetre Frags 50c

Free Items

And much more. We’ll add some slingbows of all gem types (with a cool statue) soon once we perfect their forging!

Thanks for reading and feel free to hit us up if we’re on.


Shop location please!

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We have a portal on the north side of the Grovidas Te Portal Seekers hub

The shop itself is located on Imdaari,
1441N -1028E altitude 226

A ‘Gold Fist’ right between the eyes, huh? Nice touch! :wink:

I’ll be sure to swing by later to check out the forged fists. I’ve been meaning to grab one from somewhere.

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Lol yup. The eyeballs are part of the first phase of our build, the Golem (I modeled it after the in game characters). There is a viewing portal in the shop. Coming soon is bender from Futurama


I remember this from a few days ago. The screenshots thread, I think? It’s pretty awesome! Can’t wait to see Bender. Love that crazy guy lol.

Stayed up really late last night with my buddy to bring you… Bender!!, about 20 man hours in all for this build, hes big. You can view outfrom the pupils from inside the shop (in the back left is a door). There will be a viewing portal added soon


I was there last night, picked up one of your high end gold fists and had a look at the Golem from the viewing portal. I think I saw you guys making a start on Bender. Well, it looks like it turned out to be freaking Awesome! I’ll be dropping by at some point tonight to have a good look and grab a few screenshots.

Great work, guys! Oh and, make sure to get some well earned rest. :slight_smile:


If the viewing portal isn’t up when you go then grab some free growth from the shop and build a temp walkway/platform out from the glass golem viewing platform to get some pics

Edit: viewing portal is set up in the shop

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Do you take orders? I didn’t find what I was looking for.


We do take orders, just let us know what you are looking for and what quantity and we can go from there