The great importance of music!

So, music, something that in videogames is a must, since the lack of it creates a dull and boring project.
Music gives games a certain mark, a je ne sais quoi that allows a gamer to feel inmersed into the world they play in. Something that Oort will have to pay close attention, in my regard.
Now before anyone feels like this post is a “IF MUSIC SUCKS GAME SUCKS SO I DONT PLAY”, let me correct you as I support this game, no matter what. Even if they play fart music while I dig blocks I won’t care. I just want to make music a really important part and give it the role it deserves, as many game designers simply don’t care and just loop a really shitty tone they make.
What I truly mean with this is that music will make a great part of the inmersion. In my regard, minecraft flooped it up with it’s music. Sure it’s got a great composer, but the timings and those things are terrible. I enjoyed Terraria’s music style, but it became repetitive after a couple of games.
An OST I never grow tired of hearing while playing is TBOI’s ost (not the Rebirth version). Everytime I play that game, I never get tired of the music. It’s magical for me, and it really gets me into the game, which is why I never stopped playing it, even after the rebirth version came around.
This isn’t a way to make anyone feel bad though, I simply said what I think about music.
What’s your thinking on music? Let’s talk about it :stuck_out_tongue:


Whenever it stops raining a soundclip of “I can see clearly now” by Johnny Nash should play.


But honestly I agree with this man, music should be a priority. With Oort being such a visually mesmerizing experience it’s only right for the music to be just as breathtaking as the scenery.

Can everyone share some links (YouTube or Soundcloud?) to music or themes or composers that they think would be awesome for Oort Online?

What musical theme or style do we think would fit best?

We’re all ears.


I agree fully. Music is an important part of the games and the use of voice and language too.
For some reason I always think of folk in relation with Oort. Maybe because it is different world and many different countries have their own folk music specific sound for their country.

made a fex example on YT folk for oort

Yeah! The Nepali music in there is great! It sounds like Celtic crossed with Asian and I love that. I can imagine Oort with both of those types of music, so combined is great.

i imagine celtic music would fit well

I think there should be music for night and day, the music for the day should be rather motivating, while the night music is calm and relaxing. I imagine nighttime songs like that, not exactly like that of course, because this song becomes dramatic or too motivational, but the “guitar” part (sorry, I really have no clue about instruments :smiley:) at the beginning does really fit in my opinion.

I think maybe something in the style of the Stonhearth soundtrack? (The makers of that a pretty busy though as they are doing quite a lot of variations)

I have to think really hard for this though, since it has to be music that doesn’t get boring after several gameplays. it has to be a catchy tune that is not extremely repetitive. I cannot really reccomend anything at this point, although it seems rather dickish to be reclaiming that music should be a high top priority that can some-how make the game a super experience and not have anything to offer myself. I might try to compose something that can get close to what I would like to see, but I make no promises. Folk music seems nice but I really doubt dungeons can work with that theme, or worlds that might be made of lava.

What I really loved about certain things sometimes is things like this (Which I never grew tired of):

What I love about that song is the bit from 0:00 to 0:48, as it has what in a popular way is called an “asian scale” and has that feel of fire too, with the drums and things. Each world depending on it’s theme should have a fitting song. I’m not against folk, but it has to fit the scenery.

I sometimes find myself hearing the long calm celtic playlist you can find in youtube when I’m building in minecraft or exploring in other games. So that is a hint. Temples, once the titan is defeated, should play this calm-type of tunes.

And now to the part I think should be really thought of, battle music.
Games like LoZ have that uniqueness that when an enemy is nearby the music’s tone changes. Now it is quite likable 5 minutes into the game, but then it becomes a nuissance when you just want to hear the awesome music from in the game. Not saying it sucks, just saying it looses charm a little bit into it.

So, what if battles where a two sided thing? like, of course there are going to be aggresive creatures that attack with no provocation, but say that the music for the ambience doesn’t change until you draw your weapon and strike back, and the music ends when you run away from battle (say 10 feet) and the beast stops fighting, then the normal exploring music can resume.

Lastly: Jukeboxes. Give. Me. Jukeboxes. Nothing is better than being able to choose your own track to play in your house. But with those I have serious regards and things that should be better from other games with jukeboxes

  1. Have a replay feature. If I want to have a house with ambient music I want a repeat system so I can hear music happily without having to go to the jukebox every five minutes to replay a song.
  2. Have all the ingame music in the jukebox, and allow for the import of it. I know it’s a far stretch but allowing players to import their own music would be cool. I believe it is illegal though, so that’s that.
  3. playlist, random, repeat 1 song, repeat all songs The basic controls for a music player.

Also, I’d like to contribute music for the game if you like, as in original scores. I tend to have fun with a midi player to derp around with and sometimes I get cool tunes out of it (of course my own tunes are going to be great cause I’m an asshole) but I don’t know. At least I’ll try to sample some. I have to go to work so be back in a couple of hours to see how this went on.


I second this motion a thousand times :smiley:


why not just allow an ingame musicplayer where you can load files and play them as you see fit. that way people get the music they want.

That’s why.

I am quite sure it would count as illegal distribution.

Celtic music? Personally I feel like after 1.5+ hours of playing it would get pretty anoyinng.

As far as ambient music goes, this is one of my favorite pieces.

Maybe for combat it could be something more intense with heavy drums.


Music is a huge selling point of any game for me. I’d blame the Halo series for it, but more recently games like Electronic Super Joy and Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball have been amazing experiences, simply down to their music (and gameplay, but this is about music).

Would the soundtracks to any of those games work for Oort Online? Probably not, although some of the stuff you hear from Halo might. Perhaps some monks chanting as you enter a dungeon?

A game with a soundtrack-style that I think would be great for Oort Online would easily be Banished, although perhaps slightly toned down as the soundtrack here can get very repetitive. I think part of my enjoyment of the Banished soundtrack is that it reminds me of the old-school Runescape music, which was perfect for that game. I would have marathon sessions of that game as a kid, with the music as loud as possible, because every bit of music was suited to the game. On top of this, they had specific musical themes for certain areas of the map. I’m not sure this kind of system should be in Oort Online, but if one world is covered in lava while another is all open-plains and bunnies, the music should tell that story as much as the visuals do.


I totally agree with you guys. I like the music they played in their “introducing oort online” video though :smiley:


This reminded me of pokemon so much. +1 for this style.

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I think the ragnarok online title theme would be very fitting :smiley:

Trumpets confirmed

Maybe a whole bunch of sound clips could be added, and then insisted into different bioms in the world builder. For example, a desert, you could take a long clip of music, and attach it to said bioms properties.

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