The great importance of music!

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But it would make the song repetitive. If a biome just had one song it would become boring after several repetitions. It has to have a really catchy tune to be likeable.

you see the problem in this thread? you guys want a theme that doesnt get repetitive, that is nearly impossible. i like gamemusic and sound ofc, but at one point it will get annoying to listen to, that is when you put on spotify and blast away.

Dude, TBOI is a game that I can play to it’s original OST and not get bored of.

the classic binding of isaac indeed has an amazing soundtrack :smiley:

That’s why a lot of games have different background music fade in and out during gameplay not really playing the music constantly. Like every set number of minutes.

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I want to hear in Oort some music like what Lind Erebros does. Listen his Elven Oratory for example :wink:


also, John Powell’s musical scores are some of the best I’ve heard. How to train your dragon has an amazing OST.

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As for ambient sounds this albumn is really great - spotify

The soft piano tunes found in MC and the music Scythe (youtuber) picks for his Oort videos fit very well. He uses the audio library from youtube.

Please goto
and listen to, ambient…

  1. Passing Time
  2. Space Coast
  3. Secret Conversations
  4. Ether

I find this music very soothing :smiley:


I don’t know how it got past me. ■■■■ I really don’t.@James, I never wanted to intrude in anything, and I always simply send out opinions, but now is a special time. The Homestuck OST is one of the things I listen to as I play ANY game. The composers for this songs are so awesome I find this one of the best VGMs of the century. Of course, my own opinion, but I still fall in love with this OST. It has incredible and catchy tunes, atmosphere, asian stuff, it has it all.

Here be more of this marvelous things:

And finally the best one yet:
This one goes without a preview, as it would spoil the surprise. Basically, that is the most fitting and incredible music I have ever heard. The video in fact, is based on the song I believe. It all goes along Homestuck of course, a marvelous creation that I reccomend reading. A lot.

My friend might be available for musics, he is pretty versatile with his style though it’s not shown here. I know he’s capable of stuff other than what he’s got listed on his bandcamp MisfitChris

I am also a shroud of the avatar supporter and they completely crowd sourced the music. It is truly amazing in my opinion. When they first tried, it failed because there was no clearly stated direction, but after the leader clearlified theme and expectations, awesomeness evolved.

They have a much larger community, but anything is possible given the opportunity.

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They should go for a really emotional and touching laid back music, just like what minecraft did.
Because there are several environments to the game, and that kind of music can fit almost any of them while still giving the listener an incredible feeling


I think how the music will be triggered is almost more important than what the music is. In a game like this the situations are so varied that music can be very hard to determine. I would like to see something similar to MC in that music isn’t playing the whole time (because the environment sounds are amazing), but is instead triggered by the actions of the players.
I’d like something a little more dramatic and quick tempo whenever I get hit or start a fight with something for sure, but beyond that I’m not sure where I’d really like music to be.
I’ve never been a fan of video game music though (with the exception of a couple music oriented games and hotline Miami). I’m leaning towards meh for music. I’ve found that lyrics in the music dont really mesh well with games, so that cuts out a lot of the music I’m a fan of, and for that reason video game lyrics are a grey zone for me. I’d be just as happy with or without. If you guys do add it in, make sure It’s triggered properly and matches the tone of the game.

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##We need some good Sad music!

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battle music. nothing beats fairy tail’s sound track


Like this one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Raison d’être - The Empty Hollow Unfolds

Or even better: Treha Sektori ^^ …

That would be real bad stuff, muahahahaharrr :speak_no_evil:

PS: By the way, … That two interprets are also my most favored listend to when I plan for my Warhammer40k: Dark Heresy RPG group :wink:

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Thats not sad but creepy…

More things like that :blush:
Note: Please turn the speed to 1.25 to hear it in original speed

BTW: I’m way better in playing piano! I never uploaded something but still… I am. I mean at least I think so…