‘The Hunter’ Animations - Gif Collection (warning- terrifying post)

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What an incredibly expressive monster! Top notch work!


Ah can’t wait to see that creater in game! Although it will most likely give me heart attack.


death 2.0

10 chars


I love it. So good. I love it.


Now we only need a black screen coming on death with the note “YOU DIED” in red! :smiley:


This looks insane! I love all the character that was put into this one. Really great work!


And now I’m terrified out of my wits to enter a cave…party up time!!


Getting my coal will be much harder. I got a quick question, will there be any Advance fighting mechanics like blocking or roll dodge?


Living the walls and ceiling being available for directions of approach. Be awesome to have the hunter have a long attack jump to get those hanging out from a grapple over lava.


Oh yea an ability to dig out pesky players hiding in holes sucking healing potions.


Haven’t seen @gerryjacobs post in a while! Love these creatures updates!