‘The Hunter’ Animations - Gif Collection (warning- terrifying post)

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So all these monsters have complete animations ready to be installed?? I assune that means theres a lot of missing items and recipes for those items which havent been finished yet as well if these creatures were finished a year ago.

Im excited to find out which creatures are part of the titan and all this other info thats been teased but no come to live yet


I believe the AI is what we are waiting for, as it is very difficult to do


Sneaky teaser: Yes @willcrutchley the AI is a difficult challenge to even get some basic functionality in- tho I’m currently on this now helping the engineers tweaking the hit box. :grinning:
(I’d personally would love to see this in the game)


Is it to late to ask if the monster’s voice could be some type of creepy whispering?

That would make it super creepy

I would learn how to hold a slingbow with my booty


Very nice love it. Its creepy


We hunger for the hunter…crack that whip! Only so many years, can I kill the same few mobs. I want to be, h u n t e d !


I pity them, better prepare them to be farmed hardcore! What a miserable existence.


WOW! I’ll need to turn down my music while working in caves.

…Or wear a diaper… :stuck_out_tongue:


How close do you guys think we are to rolling these bad boys out!?


it will be after guilds, but seems like before farming… Unless the roadmap image is confusing me and they mean farming is the next one of the mentioned options… Worst case the hunter is one of the next 3 biggies to come out.


At the rate of things my guess is January after the holidays.


I guess they come out with the new blocks :pray:


I was told this would be a cave demon which would’ve been great in the old system where you actually went into a cave to find ores on the walls instead of digging long ass tunnels. I miss the old system. Going down into a cave searching the walls for ores while trying to avoid mobs really added a feeling of adventure. It was creepy even. Not so much now. Not at all. Ore mining turned into a boring mindless grind task as it is in Minecraft.


this will only be on the higher tier worlds like 4 and up right?