The important furniture system suggestion that should not be ignored!

I belive the furniture in Oort should be customized by players. there should be some sort of a system that allows players to create their own custom furniture.

Otherwise, if we will have pre-made furniture, the houses of everyone will look too similar on the inside!
Please, we want a custom furniture system so everyone’s houses will be diffrent indoors!

Bonus idea: if you designed a nice piece of furniture, you will be able to sell your design to other players for the in-game currency :3


Sorry to be that guy but its written furniture. its rather important when we have to use the search function. but other than that its a great idea

Thanks for pointing it out :d fixed!

also there is another idea on what items we would like to see. you can try to post it there as well its called ‘‘furniture something’’

If furniture can be made out of different combinations of materials, and have modular decorations- that would add a really nice level of customisation. You could have variations of stone table for different stone, and then the option to add metallic trims or gemstones.

Being able to decorate objects with custom art would be a crazy awesome feature, would tie in nicely with the suggestion for being able to make your own pixel paintings or shop signs etc.

ben answerd the painting idea, and said that even though it would be nice he suspects that it wouldnt be worth the time it would take to make that system.

also i dont think should allow custom motifefs on furniture, but allowing it to have certain patterns and colors would be a good idea.

Maybe they can do what minecraft did with banners -
Have a certain pre-made patterns, but you can create uniquely diffrent combinations of them, creating an insane amount of possibilities.

(if you dont know what im talking about, go here:


Perhaps as a stretch goal? Advanced customisation. It could be low priority.

The thing is im kind of scared that if they will just give a bunch of pre-made furniture, the houses of everyone will look too samey from the inside :c

That’s why i want this custom furniture system so badly

with micro blocks it would be possible to build own furniture :slight_smile: The majority of players dosn’t seem to like the idea of micro blocks though

It’s not that I dislike it but the devs said they don’t really want to implement them. I can’t quite remember the reason. Maybe @james can help me out there.

no microvoxels please. never use micro voxels. it ruins voxels games.

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can you give reasons for this?

did you know that all of the buildings are made with voxels in this game? its quite the genius system it allows total destruction of all of the enviroment.

does this look like a voxel game to you? and do you want oort to look like that?

to me that looks more like nanovoxels, if you know what I want to say with that.

yes allow the use of a badge system. like COD black ops 2. you could do near infinite things. i would like an overall emblem builder that can be applied to things like guild emblems, shop signs, and fair enough if they can use it on furniture it would be kinda cool. like making a round table with a guild emblem in the middle

Point being that if you make things too small you remove all voxel feel from the game, i am still keeping the view that the smallest should be 1/8th of a block

yea 1/8 or maybe 1/16 but that’s the maximum. But some tool to make up your own furniture would be in my favor. This would encourage creative builders and not just high lvl builders who have no creativity.

I loved the micro blocks mod for minecraft :slight_smile: would like something like that in Oort.

you said micro voxels

This. is a micro voxel. the smallest one. that is 1/225th part of a freaking block. that does NOT belong in a voxel game.