The important furniture system suggestion that should not be ignored!

yea 1/8 or maybe 1/16 but that’s the maximum. But some tool to make up your own furniture would be in my favor. This would encourage creative builders and not just high lvl builders who have no creativity.

I loved the micro blocks mod for minecraft :slight_smile: would like something like that in Oort.

you said micro voxels

This. is a micro voxel. the smallest one. that is 1/225th part of a freaking block. that does NOT belong in a voxel game.

Well what do you call 1/16th of a block? a centi voxel?

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1/16 is not a perfect box. that is why i say 1/8th that is the perfect square. after that there is 1/32th which is too small

Here is my suggestion for how the furniture system in Oort may be like! if enough people will like it, i will edit it into the first post! (of course, the designs in oort will be alot blockier. i used those table designs just for the demonstration of the idea.)

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Another optional way that the developers can implement custom forniture, that will be even cooler, is to have a system that is similar to the custom weapon system in cubeworld:

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right that 3rd dimension^^ i meant 1/32th and thats far from to small.

1/32th is the point where voxels doesnt matter anymore. i will gladly illustrate for you

please do.

damn my calculations were wrong. the only other square is 1/64th

so its 1/1. 1/8, 1/64th

this is 1/1. 1/8th and 1/64th. let me try to illustrate that on a real block and i will post again

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I like 1/8th blocks but 1/64th would be great for details :slight_smile:

this is 1 block

this is 1/8th (which i think would fit well) and then 1/64th which i think is too small. this is just my personal opinion though, i like landmark and think its amazing for details. but i wouldnt call it a voxel game anymore.

could someone make a vote quickly? :slight_smile:

sadly only time will tell. i truly hope that they wont go so far, because while it make it look nice it will also make it less of a voxel game, i personally do not play voxel games to look at smooth textures everywhere, that there are millions of games for. but if i get heavily outvoted by other people and the team then there is prob not much i can do about it.

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I don’t want it to look smooth I just want realistic furniture without having a table plate as thick as my body^^

Customized forniture does not mean “smooth textures”.
It will still be just as much of a cubed-looking game, just that the indoors of people won’t look the same.

You’ll be able to actually create a unique look to the inside of your house, who wouldn’t want that?

fine i give up. but just know when you allow people to do it on furniture they will complain that they cant use it in making houses.

Well, that’s a good point.