The important furniture system suggestion that should not be ignored!

i also said i would be for having some predetermined shapes, colors and patterns you could use to make them unique.

Why does it have to be blockish? Look at the character models, masks and weapons.

I dont want to play a blocky game. I want to play in a voxel game. After the slabs and walls. Im good! I like how the doors fit in. I can see how you could have window applications for interior and exterior.

I agree with this point. While a furniture customization system (Which I think a microblock system would work well for) would be cool, It just isn’t very high on the list of things that need to get done.

Modular tables! That’s very specific :wink: Cool idea, but I’m not sure tables are quite that important in Oort Online. Wouldn’t you rather have Titans?


Titans throwing tables is better :stuck_out_tongue:


Titans FLIPPING tables (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻


That idea doesn’t apply just to tables though…
that forniture system can also be applied to chairs, closets, etc…

And of course i would prefer Titans,they are much much more important, but i still think the fוrniture system would be pretty important, because it will prevent the houses of everyone from looking the same indoors, giving alot of indoor design flexibility.

This game is not just a mmorpg after all, it’s also a construction game

he’s trying to prove that even though they could make all would come on the cost of another feature, it might be something they could look at later in development or after 1.0 :smile:


Hahaha Thats drawing is awesome :smiley: You didnt took your time, huh? :smiley:

Well because of the Cube World System, I would say thats good BUT You dont have to find or craft as many small voxels s you need but it show’s you how many wood, iron, stone or whatever it is made of, you’ll need.
Let’s Say if you use 200 stone tiles you’ll need 10-20 Stone in your inventory to finish that Tabel.
Or 20 small wood, 10 small log, 30 small wood tiles, then you need 2-4 wood, 1-2 logs, 3-6 Stone. and something like that.

How’s that?

This would be something to focus on last or after release for sure… but why not try and meet in the middle of all of this, and not allow micro voxels really, but pre made pieces that fit nicely in the world. lets just use a chair as an example. when crafting a chair, depending on what dyes or materials are used, you will get that variation of chair. Sure the shape may be the same but at least you can mix and match colors and materials (to a point) like others have suggested in here.

OR! (uh oh)

What we know of is certain materials or ores can only be found on certain planets right?. What if this also applies to the furnishings and objects created within that world?. This would give each world its own unique feel inside and out. These changes in appearance may not be huge, but could easily have color swaps or material swaps to give them a new feel. These objects that are unique to its own world could be crafted and then sold on a market or on the sellers travels to other world players. This way over time, people will have unique looking things from all over the universe.

This would tie in very well with the idea of blueprints for selfmade objects like furniture. Which you could then sell as well.