The move block conveyorbelt block

would be really cool if you guys make that one block that moves ya one over to the next
could work for slopes to like to go up and down like in mall lol
you could put direction on the side so on top you see it move
just a suggestion for devs


when you afk you could put yourself in pinguin game hahaha


man you read my mind

It would also allow you to make sure that you never ever stop moving and could put the server undo load with you and thousands of block drops constantly moving around and never ‘going to sleep’ :wink:

Pairs of horizontal portals also do that, but those are limoted only to players, so perhaps with that restriction too.

@james nodded to these blocks a year or so ago;

And more recently in a message group chat;

I’d also love to see these in-game, and as awesome as it would be to have blocks dropping onto a belt and being funneled into a series of machines, I know this to be an unreasonable request for a massively online game.

I’ll be happy enough with simple player moving blocks.

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