The Omni Shop


Yes you can. Just reduce the selected amount using your right mouse button as you would in your own inventory.


Ok, thanks!


Clay soil @ 3 coin each (30 000 coin in basket)
Silty soil @ 3 coin each (30 000 coin in basket)
If you have soil skills your assistance in getting some stock so I can make bricks and glass for the upcoming patch is much appreciated

Ruby/diamond tools @ 3 000 coin each (including Diamond shovels :wink: )
2x 99 oort shars @ 5 coin each


Soil skills?


I think he meant shovel mastery


Ah… Not me then


One hit per soil on starter planets + max swing speed at your service! :grin:

When I need to get the last 15k for that level later I might as well gather soil for you.


I have a bunch of silty soil that I can bring next time I play. Also got some compact silt if you’re interested?
Always happy to put my shovel skills to good use :wink:


Hi everyone!

Most of my request baskets have been recoined. Some prices have changed.
Still looking for lots of clay soil @ 3c each
Now buying silty soil for 2c each again (down from 3c)
Got enough sand for now, thanks everyone

Rough oort stones @ 40 coin each (down from 60 coin each)
Oort shards @ 5 coin each (down from 6 coin each)
Ancient tech components @ 100 coin each (down from 120 coin each)
Copper and iron bars now @ 18 coin each (down from 20 coin each)
Torches @ 2 coin each (restocked)


I guess the hunting party dropped oort stones by 20c :wink:


That depends on how many new portals are opened - and on if the hunting parties remain successful :wink:

It would be great if they can stay cheaper, been wanting to run some more portals myself :slight_smile:

I also got a ton of rough gems over the weekend - if it continues I might have some new gem batches soon.


New special
5 Spark Cores @ 500 coin each

10 000 clay soil @ 3 coin each

Everything you can ever need*
*Terms and Conditions apply

New and improved hunting grounds
The Omni Shop’s roof now has direct stairs leading to it (secured by a trap door). The roof is now also larger than ever before and visually enhanced:


Rough Oortstones @ 35 coin each
Gems @ 275 coin each
3000 igneous rock @ 2 coin each
Cream Gleam @ 3 coin each
All Vulpto & Nasharil rock @ 1 coin each
Compact Peat @ 14 coin each
Clay Soil @ 3 coin each (21 000 coin left)

Now selling at lower prices
Titanium tools @ 1100 coin each
Silver and gold tools @ 650 coin each
Copper ore @ 5 coin each
Copper bars @ 16 coin each
Compact compact @ 120 coin each
Refined copper @ 90 coin each
Machined copper @ 70 coin each

48 red gleam lanterns @ 45 coin each

Oh, what type of emerald gear do you want from my (coming soon) emerald batch?

  • Emerald Hammers
  • Emerald Slingbows
  • Emerald Shovels
  • Emerald Grapples
  • Refined Emerald
  • Compact Emerald

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New special
50 storage blocks @ 35 coin each!

10 0000 clay soil @ 3 coin each
All flowers @ 5 coin each
All seeds @ 3 coin each

Some (600) yellow refined sedimentary rock @ 3 coin each
Spark cores @ 600 coin each
Copper tools @ 35 coin each
Iron tools @ 40 coin each
Silver/gold tools @ 650 coin each
Titanium tools @ 1100 coin each
Oort shards @ 5 coin each
Portal conduit @ 188 coin each


Got a batch of sapphire ready too. Which are you interested in buying?

  • Sapphire Hammer
  • Sapphire Axe
  • Sapphire Shovel
  • Sapphire Grapple
  • Sapphire Slingbow
  • Refined Sapphire

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Hi everyone!

New special
In celebration of the most complete gem section I have had:
and knowing that everybody wants to hunt tomorrow :grin:

5x ruby slingbows @ 2600 coin each!

Now selling
Sapphire slingbows @ 3000 coin each
Emerald slingbows @ 3000 coin each
Emerald hammers @ 3000 coin each
Sapphire grapples @ 3000 coin each
Emerald grapples @ 3000 coin each
Sapphire hammers @ 3000 coin each

Price reductions
Copper/iron tools @ 30 coin each
Silver/gold tools @ 620 coin each
Titanium tools @ 900 coin each
Iron/copper ore @ 5 coin each
Iron/copper bars @ 15 coin each
Compact iron/copper @ 110 coin each
Refined iron/copper @ 80 coin each
Machined iron/copper @ 58 coin each
Silver/gold alloy @ 66 coin each
Compact silver/gold alloy @ 500 coin each
Refined silver/gold alloy @ 385 coin each
Titanium ore @ 150 coin each
Titanium bar @ 160 coin each
Titanium alloy @ 220 coin each
Compact titanium alloy @ 1600 coin each
Refined titanium alloy @ 1150 coin each


love the shop omni gets better everytime :smile:


Just wanted to let you know that I can’t buy your Iron Hammers. @OmniUno
Looks like you only listed the prices for Iron Slingbows.

Release 176 - Report issues here

Thank you for reporting this @ozarka30. I have reset the table and it now sells iron hammers. This seems to be a (new?) bug as it should be impossible.

If anybody runs into this with another table please let me know so I can fix :slight_smile:


New at The Omni Shop:

The Oortian Stone Section
All manner of rock, stone, refined rock, brick and decorative rock have been moved to a new location just north of the gleam section:

Rock: 2-3c
Stone: 1-2c
Refined rock: 2-3c
All brick: 18c
All decorative rock: 14c

Compact Sapphire (new) / Topaz / Amethyst / Emerald / Ruby @ 2350c each

Also restocked on mostly everything. Need a bulk order? PM me. Am I missing something you want to buy? PM me.