The Omni Shop


Yeah not sure any of us will be able to compete… :frowning:


Hehe :grin:
I meant in a sense that he’s balancing cost of different items very well. As for competing, sure why not, do some calculations and I’m sure you’ll find a specific niche to fill in. Omni is general trader, so he sells all type of items, I’m sure some can be offered at same or lower price. With @Councillor’s settlement blooming around there’s lots of traffic, for example I check all shops around for missing items/better prices, but nobody is offering anything interesting.


Now buying:

200 000 coins’ gems @ 300 coin each (restocked)
Rough oort stones @ 50 coin each
Blue/yellow gleam @ 50 coin each (3000 coin available)
Red gleam @ 300 coin each (6000 coin available)
Igneous rock, sand, silty soil @ 1 coin each (5000 coin available each)
Clay soil @ 2 coin each (10000 coin available each)

  • I have some red gleam for sale @ 330 coin each. Got some refined red on its way for much cheaper.
  • As usual I am stocked on most things and my request baskets all have coin in them.
  • Still looking to buy everything from the post above except the gleam.

Limited stock special
Copper hammers @ 10 coin each. They are on a separate stand from my usual stock:


Need anymore fibrous leaves?


I’m stocked for the moment. Still buying though, but at 5c each.


New special
9 storage blocks on special @ 30 coin each. They are on a different stand from the other storage blocks:


Red leaves

I now stock red leaves @ 5 coin each. You can find them in the nature section:

New limited time special

5 titanium hammers @ 700 coin each. This special ends as soon as the next one starts. This is now at a new location next to the gem section:


better start bulk selling chisels. :smiley_cat:


First things first: All chisel types (except stone since not craftable yet) are on the way!

New Special
3x 99 copper ore @ 2 coin each at my specials’ spot close to the gem section.

Everything I normally buy and:

Red/yellow rock @ 1 coin each (1500 coin per basket)
Gleam @ 3 coin each (6000 coin in basket)

I now sell compact soft coal @ 72 coin each.
Also got some refined ruby in.

I have a new batch of ruby on the way. Which of the following would you be interested in buying:

  • Compact Ruby
  • Refined Ruby
  • Ruby Hammer
  • Ruby Axe
  • Ruby Shovel
  • Ruby Grapple
  • Ruby Slingbow

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That special went quickly…

New special
3x 99 iron bar for 10c each


You need to start hiring body guards for your patrons against those evil mobs!! Or at least keep your doors closed!! :stuck_out_tongue:


:open_mouth: … and they were just trying to get at the bargains too!


I live near Palus Canau, Solum. I have a warp that connects to PixelGate City. From there, how do I get to the Munteen Transfer Station?


the pixel gate transfer station is across the street from @DanBeforeTime s gleam tree near the ort temple. from the pixel gate transfer station head to vulpto.
from vulpto take a left to munteen. head up the ramp to the top. a long hallway leads right to his shop. :smiley_cat:


New Special

Selling 99x Workbenches @ 10 coin each.

15 000 clay soil @ 2 coin each
15 red gleam @ 300 coin each
2000 cream gleam @ 3 coin each
1500 compact peat @ 14 coin each

Copper Chisels and Tools @ 35 coin each
Iron Chisels and Tools @ 40 coin each
Silver Chisels and Tools @ 700 coin each
Gold Chisels and Tools @ 700 coin each
Titanium Chisels and Tools @ 1200 coin each
Glass @ 15 coin each
Refined Red Gleam @ 25 coin each
Red Gleam Lanterns @ 60 coin each
Blue Gleam Lanterns @ 55 coin each
Virtually anything else you can need is in stock too (except machined iron, somebody always buys all the machined iron… more soon)

New Section

For timbers and trunks:

Trunks @ 5 coin each
Timbers @ 2 coin each


Nice expansion you made last couple of days.
However, your prices are rising though. Not liking that :wink:


Clay soil @ 3 coin each (30 000 coin in basket)
Silty soil @ 2 coin each (20 000 coin in basket)
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 8/22/55c each (30 000 coin in basket)
Compact peat @ 14 coin each (28 000 coin in basket)
Red gleam @ 300 coin each (4 500 coin in basket)
Bones @ 10 coin each (10 000 coin in basket)
Cream gleam @ 4 coin each (8 000 coin in basket)
Ancient tech fragments @ 10 coin each (3000 coin in basket)

New special
2x 99 oort shards @ 5 coin each

Now selling
Lots of refined ruby and a few refined diamond @ 1750 each
Machined iron
As usual mostly everything is in stock (currently low on clay and compact peat)


Omni, could you sell in smaller quantities?


I always thought you could only take 1 item even if they were grouped together. Is this not correct?