The Omni Shop


You can “server hop” by going through portals.

Since you are in Berlyn, try and find the capital settlement and there will more than likely be a transfer station around (place with a lot of portals). The capital will be labelled on the compass with an orange-looking mark.


Oh you’re in for a treat then. On Berlyn, find this place:

That’s the Berlyn entrance to Jeffrotheswell’s network. It connects all of the planets and most major settlements. Follow the portal network straight (as in keep on taking the portals in a straight line) up to Munteen and take the northern exit to find my shop.


Ok I will look for this, you just gave me a mission!!! THanks a bunch for all this info.


Found your shop with the help of another player. The portal in your pic is not there but found a bunch of other portals based on you guys help. Also amazingly found other players and added another friend to my friend list. Awesome!!!


Glad you found it! The transfer station is definitely there (but maybe easy to miss?) - I ran there to take you the screenshot and get coordinates.

Now that you’ve discovered the portal network be sure to check out Therka Market :slight_smile:


I def will and would also like to find a little spot to build a little home. Thanks again for you help.


New gem store expansion


My shop now has a new expansion with extra tables for rough/compact/refined gems. All gem tools have also been relocated to this section.

Have fun!


Just went to see how it turned out, looks awesome, nice expansion, it was needed :smiley:


@Spoygg Diamond Shovels are now available in my gem section @ 3000 coin each
@Twistedfoot Machined Copper is right next to the diamond shovels @ 85 coin each

Now buying all gems @ 300 coin each (200 000 coin in basket)
Now buying soft/medium/hard coal @ 10/25/60 coin each (50 000 coin in basket)
Now buying 5000 igneous rock @ 1 coin each
Now buying compact peat @ 14 coin each (14 000 coin in basket)
Now buying 5000 silty soil @ 1 coin each
Now buying 2000 sap @ 1 coin each
Now buying 5000 sand @ 1 coin each

Now selling bones @ 15 coin each
Now selling glue @ 35 coin each


Thank you @OmniUno


@OmniUno have you changed the price for diamonds from 300 to 270?

Release 176 - Report issues here

I have not. I think its a sales tax (10%) which should not be live yet (they said they removed it in the previous patch notes, but I guess not). That would make sense since I know there’s currently a 10% tax on all sales plinths that should not be there (confirmed with my alts).


another thing to mention unrelated to the tax, the price you (omni) buys compact gems for is a bit underwhelming compared to rough gems.
Assuming I mass produce compact gems the math would like this:

I sell 360 rough gems:
270c*360 = 97,200c

I sell 50 compact gems:
1530c*50 = 76,500

So conclusion I make roughly 20,000 more by selling them rough, and this is without adding in fuel for spark, I wouldn’t think this is your intention but feel free to correct me.


Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t increase them along with the rough today - will bump them to 2000c (so 1800c after tax) when I’m back at my shop.

That being said: Since I have to put coin into every individual basket I will always buy compact for a bit less than rough to encourage people to sell me rough (to keep my buy orders consolidated).


Got all shovels, thanks! :sunglasses: I’d leave some for others, but they’re nowhere to be found/bought, so I snatched them away :grin:


The great price change

With the increased supply from the latest patch the coin/goods relationship has changed somewhat. Whilst it has definitely not evened out yet, I’m taking a first shot at repricing. If I run out of stock I’ll have to increase my rates again. Keep in mind the current 10% tax that the game takes on purchases and sales.

Adjusted buying rates
Fibrous Leaf @ 10c
Small/medium/large fossils @ 5/15/45
Rough gems @ 300c
Compact gems @ 2100c
Refined gems @ 1450c (New)

Adjusted selling rates
Fossil extract @ 5c
Copper/Iron ore @ 7c
Cloth @ 6c
Machined Copper @ 80c
Glue @ 35c
Rough Gems @ 330c
Compact Gems @ 2350c
Refined Gems @ 1750c
Lanterns @ 30c
Gleam Lanterns @ 55c
Gold Tools @ 700c
Silver Tools @ 700c
Titanium Tools @ 1300c
Mixers @ 65c
Plinths @ 100c
Request Baskets @ 80c
Shop Stands @ 80c
Gem Torches @ 90c
Gem Tools @ 3000c
Portal Conduit @ 188c
Refineries @ 70c
Nails @ 2c
Locks @ 90c
Storage Blocks @ 60c
Warp Crystals @ 100c


Looks like today is the day for big changes.

My ores and gleams have moved to a new shop section. And I’ve added their smelted, compacted, alloyed, refined and machined versions.

Pricing guide:
Copper (7/20/140/100/80 raw/bar/compacted/refined/machined)
Iron (7/20/140/100/80 raw/bar/compacted/refined/machined)
Silver (45c/55c raw/bar)
Gold (20c/35c raw/bar)
Titanium (120c/130c raw/bar)
Silver Alloy (80c/570/440 bar/compacted/refined)
Gold Alloy (80c/570/440 bar/compacted/refined)
Titanium Alloy (220c/1600/1150 bar/compacted/refined)


Hi everyone!

Just a daily highlight:

2000 leaves @ 2c
All gems @ 300c (200k in basket)
Rough Oortstones @ 40c
Blue gleam @ 40c
Red gleam @ 150c
Compact Peat @ 14c (21k in basket)
600 fibrous leaves @ 10c each
5000 igneous rock (any color) @ 1c each
Any timber @ 3c each (6k in basket)

As usual I am stocked on almost everything. My rates have recently dropped a lot on almost everything - be sure to come and visit for the things you want!

Got a batch of topaz repeater slingbows @ 3000c each.
Got a batch of titanium balanced slingbows @ 1200c each.


@OmniUno You are true economics pioneer :slight_smile: One man economy :smiley:


Yeah, without noticing i became a regular at the omni shop. :sweat_smile: