The Omni Shop


Sure man, on my way :grinning:


@omniuno request bucket overflowed :smiley: Ping me when you clear it. Seems that we have reached some limits :wink:


Emptied the request basket. Did not anticipate that - first deal of this sheer volume!


@OmniUno , i wanted to know if a lot of people sell you wood trunks ? I plan to become a woodcutter to test the game in its final optics with an mmorpg side. But I do not want to invest my time and spend my skill points if it has no use ??? I have only one week on the game and so mutch to learn :wink:
Experienced players like you, can you give me your opinion?

Note: A question that I ask myself, the trees regenerate in the game?


Yep trees regenerate like everything else :slight_smile: There is no special rules of regen, everything that is not beaconed/plotted will regen at some point, only depends on how much area is visited, I had wild plots in same state for month when I worked intensively on a project. But as soon as activity stopped in that area, they regened :slight_smile:

As for tree cutting, I believe not many players have high skill in that. Hammer/shovel mastery is probably more lucrative since you get 90% of resources that way. (not counting hunting) Wood cutting is when you need it you cut down one or two trees and you’re set for. To be honest, I’d rather buy wood than cut it down :smiley:

Omni would have traders perspective on that, I’m just talking from miner perspective :smiley:


Trees do regenerate yes.

Currently wood trades slowly. I buy about a thousand a week and sell about half of it directly (with the rest being converted to sticks and timber for tools).

It will definitely increase in value in a future - they are adding refined versions. Also, it has a fixed minimum value (where 1 trunk = 1/8 soft coal) due to its usability in furnaces.

Also it has just become much easier to mine and get gems. This is bound to positively affect the relative value of wood. It’s hard to predict the price since the coin inflow has also recently received an order of magnitude boost (due to footfall).

EDIT: For clarity 4 trunks ~= 1 soft coal in a furnace. But soft coal mass compacts at 1.67x rate, so 4 trunks = 1/1.67 soft coal to be precise.


Hi everyone!

5000 sand @ 1 coin each
10 000 rock @ 1 coin each
4000 foliage @ 1 coin each
50 ancient tech components @ 100 coin each

Now selling
Bones @ 25c each
Sticks and stones @ 1c each (pun intended)
Oort shards @ 7c each
Limited time offer: Gold ore @ 10c each

UPDATE: 130 000 coin available for gems and oort stones.
Time to farm those t4/5 mobs folks!


I am now offering 200 coin per rough gem again.


Got you your silty soils, tech components, sand, rock :wink: Tomorrow probably gonna find some time for other soils.


Thanks to @OmniUno and @Spoygg for this information. That’s enough to motivate me. Since my main interest is to have fun and enjoy the universe of Boundless. And I am curious to test whether the RPG side and economy will work. Again thank you to both of you. Not played yesterday and maybe not yet today. Too tired with work. Certainly Wednesday, I will go to cut wood :palm_tree: and sell it :moneybag::wink:


Ping me, I’d gladly buy some


I will not miss it :wink:


Special! Special!

Buying soft/medium/hard coal @ 9c/22c/50c each. Got 40 000 coin up for grabs on coal! First come first serve.
Buying 140 000 coin in gems and rough oort stones. 200 coin per gem, 40 coin per rough oort stones.
Buying 3000 foliage at 1 coin each.
Buying small/medium/large fossils @ 5/15/30c each. 10 000 coin up for grabs in fossils!


I now offer compactors at 20 coin each (80 coin per completed machine).
I now offer silver repeater slingbows at 1000 coin each.

My coal offer has been upped from 40 000 to 50 000 coin.


Hi everyone!

The buying frenzy continues

Buying 60 000 coins’ coal (same prices as yesterday)
Buying 150 000 coins’ gems and oort stones (same prices as yesterday)

Got coal and ores for sale again. Got a thousand compact peat too.



The buying frenzy continues part II

Restocked buying plints:
60 000 coin’s coal
160 000 coin’s gems and oort stones
10 000 coin’s silty soil @ 2 coin each

Still selling
Pretty much everything at the same rates as before.


Gems @ 250 coin each (150 000 coin in basket)
Rough Oortstones @ 45 coin each
Red Gleam @ 100 coin each
Yellow Gleam @ 50 coin each
Blue Gleam @ 30 coin each
Soft/Medium/Hard Coal @ 9/22/50 coin each (50 000 coin in basket)

All the usual stuff is in stock (including fossil extract, oort shards, coal, ores)


Which Server/World is this shop on?


Munteen. You can reach it from Jeffrotheswell’s portal network Munteen exit, or from SWProzee1s Hub -> Mobious Plaza -> Hall of a Thousand Windows -> Shop.

EDIT: Or from Elop Portas’ market area -> Iron Sky -> Shop


I am in US West and have only been to my world Berlyn and thru a portal that I don’t even remember how I got there to the World Elopor. So I don’t have a clue. Also is it possible to Server hop and go to other worlds?