The Omni Shop


If you put some trap doors in the ceiling and lock it, you could make a cuttletrunk shooting hole. Locking it because otherwise people might let cuttletrunks into your place, heh. (Clever girls)



We need a cuttletrunk emote.


Ah, I’ve had that


You have more coin available in your plinths than I have on my account!. Geez, Boundless Billionaire!


I am no longer selling any tools in stacks as it disconnects everyone in range when somebody tries to buy a stack. They will return once the bug is fixed.


I now sell rough oort stones again - for 1/2 gem tool (2000 coin) each! Yes, this is serious and real. Yes, this is supposed to be a joke.


Are you buying Oort stones for more yet? XD @OmniUno


He is. I think he buys them for 60c


That’s nothing xD


Not much nope



Now selling
Rough Oort Stones @ 70c each
Oort Shards @ 7c each
Spark Cores @ 600c each
Ruby/Diamond Grapple @ 3500 each
Diamond Slingbow @ 3500 each
Ruby/Diamond/Topaz Hammers @ 3500 each
Refined Ruby/Diamond/Topaz @ 1750 each
All gem torches @ 100 each
Ruby Axe @ 3500 each
Compact Sapphire @ 2000 each

“The one and only” Amethyst Hammer @ 4000 coin

Now buying
90 000 coin’s gems @ 150c each (they are now readily farmed from high level mobs)
30 000 coin’s Roug Oort Stones @ 40c each
Wood Trunks @ 3c each
Bones @ 30c each
Sap @ 2c each


Just a heads up, I bought all the refined ruby


I’ve just added some amethyst slingbows @ 3500 each and added another 10 diamond slingbow. Let the hunting begin!


And just to reassure everyone that portals are back with a bang:

I’m also crafting many more oort shards.
I’m selling at the same prices as before the patch (70c per rough, 7c per shard)


I now have shop stands again (110 coin each).
Also amethyst grapples @ 3 500 coin each.



15 000 coin’s silty soil @ 2c each.
6000 coin’s trunks @ 3c each.
4000 coin’s sap @ 2c each (limited time offer).
100 000 coin: I’ve moved my gems and rough oort stone into the same basket to make it easier to sell loot from mobs. 40c per rough oort stone / 150c per rough gem.
15 000 coin’s bone @ 10c each.
10 000 coin’s rock (any) @ 1c each.
10 000 coin’s small/medium/large fossil’s @ 5/15/30 each.


Copper Chisels @ 40 coin each
Iron Slingbows @ 45 coin each


@OmniUno still buying rock?


Yip, don’t think anybody has filled it yet.


Cool, I’ll swing by :smiley:


Thank you!

I realized that I need more rock - I’m buying another 20k if you’re interested.