The Omni Shop


I’ll trade you 10 diamond hammers for 9 ruby axes?


Sure - once I get the batch of rubies :wink:


bro your shop is so useful, I made my shop out of your store, I guarantee ive spent atleast 40k there


Hi everyone!

Now selling spark cores @ 600c each
Selling iron tools @ 45c each
Selling 600+ iron ore @ 12c each

Stocked up on most things craftable
Still buying most things craftable


Been making a healthy 2000c on cores till recently. Curse you!


@OmniUno are you round your shop I have something youll be interested in


im so tired just un loaded ton off sand soil clay …;
trunks were heavy to
but love the money thanks dude


Thanks a lot! I’m now well supplied on these for a while :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

Now buying

All gems @ 300 coin each again. Hoping to keep this offer going a while longer this time around.
Compact gems @ 2000 coin each.
Bones @ 30 coin each (30 000 coin in basket again)
Fibrous Leaf @ 3 coin each (2100 coin in basket)
Compact Peat @ 14 coin each (14 000 coin in basket, you can find 26 under each shrine in the world)
And a bunch of the usual stuff like ores, coals, soil, sap, trunks, glacier, leaves, ancient tech, meat, starberries, etc.

Now selling

Ruby shovels, hammers and grapples @ 4000 coin each
Refined ruby @ 2000 coin each
Other gem tools @ 4000 coin each (got 1 amethyst hammer left if somebody wants to try it)
Glass @ 15 coin each
Storage Shelfs @ 70 coin each
Oort Shards @ 7 coin each
Soft/Medium Coal @ 10/25 coin each
Also selling all ores, all machines, most gleams + refined, rocks, sand, silty soil, peaty soil, lanterns, torches, gem torches, trunks, timber, most copper/iron/silver/gold/titanium tools, glue, shop stands, request baskets, beacons, spark cord and generally everything else that is not super rare.


Gem bonanza

I now have 120 000 coin up for grabs in my rough gem basket. Make sure to get your share! Let the gem farming begin :wink:

Emerald Hammer
I have one emerald hammer (that has taken about 10 shots) up for sale @ 6000 coin (which is what I bought it for). If anybody wants to try out one of the rarest hammers in the game - feel free to pick it up :slight_smile:


Picked it up :grin:


later in bring over 200 fibrous leaves gtrz moebius


do you need more wood


I’m well supplied on wood for the moment, thanks! I’ll still buy, but my price has dropped to 2c each.


damn i take it lolz


Got a fresh batch of refined diamond @ 2000 coin each if anybody wants.

Also, going to have diamond hammers/grapples/slingbows tomorrow. And a fresh batch of spark cores.


@OmniUno got 2 more emerald hammers @4000c each


Buying rough oort shards at 60 coin each again.

CAUTION: Mobs are MUCH harder now. You’ll need decent gear and combat skills! Copper slingbows don’t even dent them.

Also a friendly reminder: I sell most types of tools (including gold and diamond slingbows) if you want to try them out after the rebalance. Also got lots of refined gems to craft your own!


Just my daily update:

90 000 coin’s gems @ 300 coin each
30 000 coin’s rough oort stones @ 60 coin each
30 000 coin’s bones @ 30 coin each (maybe still farmable on starter planets?)
Most other things as usual.


I’m generally stocked on everything but shop stands, rough oort stones and oort shards. These might be nearly impossible to keep in stock until we get a way to kill mobs again.


Hi everyone!

Are you afraid of cuttletrunks? Well fear no more. My shop is now fully protected against them. As an added bonus, it is now a cuttletrunk observatory:

There is a bug where buying stacks of items seem to cause you and those around to disconnect. If you run into it, please post details on the issues page so the devs can fix it :slight_smile: