The Omni Shop


Welcome Back!! :yum:


Now restocked on:

Blue Gleam,
Yellow Gleam,
Copper Grapples,
Oort Shards,
Diamond/Ruby/Emerald Torches,
Copper Hammers/Spanners,
Diamond Grapples,
Sapphire Hammer,
Yellow Gleam Lanterns,
Door Pieces,
Topaz Hammers,
Silver Chisels,
Titanium Chisels,
Titanium Slingbows,
Sedimentary Brick,
Refined Igneous Rock,
Refined Metamorphic Rock (a wee bit),
Refined Silver Alloy,
Refined Gold Alloy,
Blue Refined Gleam,
Cream Refined Gleam,
Storage Shelfs,
Beacon Controls,
Iron Bars,
Sedimentary Stones


Now buying:

All of my buy orders from yesterday have been refilled
Rough Oort Stones @ 70c each

Now selling/restocked on:

Rough Oort Stones @ 80c each
Refined Metamorphic Rock @ 2c each
Refined Sedimentary Rock @ 2c each
Shop Stands and Request Baskets @ 60c each
Silver Slingbows @ 620c each
Gold Hammers @ 620c each
Gold Chisels @ 620c each
Iron Chisels/Shovels/Slingbows/Hammers @ 30c each


Are your prices before or after tax rate?


Before tax.


Everyone else is raising there prices and you’re lowering yours and making it damn hard to compete! >.<


Monopolist :smiley:


It’s seriously hard to keep my shop out of the red when Omnimoneybags is running his shop!


Back with a bang!


Omnishop rocks!!!


:grin: you where out off red stones check the village so you now where they went lolz welcome back i been taking good care off your street :sunglasses:


Brye there are many deals at other places too… and if we are going to actually have an economy we probably should support others…


I shop all over the place, i just found what I was looking for there, specifically Oort shards.


True, there are many other shops, but if you don’t want to go around 20 shops to find something you can find it in one :wink:

In my experience Omni’s shop is best supplied, and regularly refilled, and Omni is very responsive to requests, like I wanted diamond shovels which you can’t find anywhere else and he got them in a couple of hours :slight_smile:

I think other shopkeepers could learn a bit from Omni. And believe me I regularly visit other shops, especially when buying more expensive items, but in the end I mostly end up back at Omni’s :smiley:


I’m not saying the shop is bad or anything… I think it’s great and he deserves every bit of praise for the hard work that was put in to create it.

I was just making a quick point that there were other people that were building theirs that now likely won’t be successful because of the buy/sell price difference and him back cornering the market. So, like I said then there won’t be much of an economy if most of the game community starts slating towards a mega shop.

Maybe the developer team needs to start releasing other ways to make money and spur the economy besides a potential single shop or two and 2-3 hubs that get most foot traffic. If it is going to be a major part of the game then it needs major revision. If it’s a minor option or component then it is fine as it is.


Yep I agree.


I think the reason why 1-2 mega-shops such as this are so likely to corner the market (other than the massive amount of hard work Omni puts into it), is the fact that it is too easy to get from one planet to another and buy/sell there.

With everything so readily accessible, and players able to simply hop from one end of the universe to the other in a matter of seconds, there’s no real challenge involved - making supply too easy. The ease of access to portals, imo makes it far too easy for a existing player to corner the market against any new players coming in and wanting to become shopkeepers.

I’m hoping some of that will change when tool/weapon forging comes into play, as that may be something that a shop keeper may not be able to produce so easily.

Just as a note to the above - my comments are in no way intended to devalue the immense work Omni has put into growing his shop into the success that it is. I certainly tip my hat to that!

My comments are purely to express my concerns at a section of the game where it would be extremely difficult, for new aspiring shopkeepers, to compete against an already established player.


Why you dissin Omni so much @Stretchious???:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


on the other hand, most items are easily made yourself or found urself.


Honestly I shop his shop cuz I don’t get lost trying to find it unlike the gazillion shops among the maze on therka. I think many shops have comparible prices but Omni never leaves me guessing whether the item I’m looking for will be in stock. It’s insane the amount of work he puts into buying and selling and because of that he’s number 1. And I know no one is questioning his work ethic (except maybe @Stretchious :smirk:) so if you feel he’s owning the market then you simply need to own it better. :grin: But keep in mind that he’s not building gigantic elaborate buildings or things like that. He pretty much focuses primarily on the market which is something I have no desire to do which is why I’m more than happy to give him all my moo-lah.