The Omni Shop


One more thing…I almost always choose convenience over a better deal. So if there was a shop selling what I need that was even slightly closer then I’m going there instead and I’ll even pay slightly more for the item.


I will agree that in some area like Therka Market or Pixel Gate, there is such a maze of shops that it is hard to find things. Some owners do have good prices and keep their markets stocked, others not so much. So it becomes a treasure hunt to find things. It is easier to just go to one place.

I will also agree with the point that the ease of moving between planets makes it easier for a single shop or maybe even a few to have a large impact on the economy. The introduction of atmospheres might slow down the movement between planets, especially for newer players or those who do not want to invest in the skill points needed to survive.


Oh yeah I forgot about that. I hope the atmosphere implementation adds a whole new degree of difficulty when traveling to different planets. Which hopefully will also add a new variance to shop keeping. I can’t wait :nerd_face:


With the reset on skill points, I am holding back about 200 in order to use them for atmosphere when it is implemented.


i love omni shop was hoping for spinn off store in my shopping center
named “omnis noob store” for beginning players so finally someone sells plotters that ill keep losing :grin:


A large part of his success I think is in his pricing model. His prices are reasonable, and his request baskets aren’t insultingly low priced. 3 coin for gold ingots? I’d rather sell to omni for 75c or which ever his current offer is.


I agree completely with the observation that the Universe is just too small to generate supply dynamics, but my feeling is that the answer is not to make portals less accessible (portals are extremely cool) but just to make the Universe bigger. We could do with 10x the worlds we have right now in my opinion, even with the current player count.

Also @Kal-El maybe a little unrelated but I can’t wait to make a glass dome city on a hazardous planet :smiley:


Yeah I think that creating protected cities will be a great strategy once atmosphere is in place. Either domed or underground. Away from mobs and protected from rain and atmosphere.


In a desperate attempt to protect my shop from pillaging customers I just went on a crazy shopping spree and bought nearly 1 000 000 coin’s worth of stuff from other shops throughout the oortverse. @smidge, @DoomsdayKnight and others: congrats on your newfound mega-wealth :wink: Be sure to use it to obliterate me… Also, you might be out of stock on many things.

I am restocked on many many things including:

  • Most types of rock, stone and refined rock/stone
  • Many decorative rocks and bricks
  • Most tool types with lots of chisels
  • Refineries
  • Iron ore, again.
  • Red gleam, refined red gleam, red gleam lanterns
  • Twisted wood timber
  • Shop stands
  • Coal
  • Many gem tools

I did not get enough though:

  • Now buying titanium ore @ 180 coin each (50 000 coin in basket)
  • Now buying oort stones @ 80 coin each (500 000 coin in basket)
  • Now buying all gems @ 300 coin each (500 000 coin in basket)


Can’t believe I didn’t have them! I now sell hundreds of beacon plotters and plot removers for 1 coin each.


Not sure what you mean by pillaging customers exactly :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m not complaining!

I’ll check my shop stands soon, it’ll be nice to have money to stock my request baskets at last. I hope you know that I’ll be spending a bunch of it right back at your shop - I’ve just discovered the joys of gem slingbows and will be buying more as soon as I can!
If you want to keep your stone stocked, I could be a supplier for you? Set up regular ‘shipments’ or something. Trading directly would reduce loss from tax, and I could offer a lower price than in my shop stands.
If you already have enough stone, then I can just keep stocking my own shop and it’ll be there when you need it :wink:

Please close thread
Stepping Stone Project for new players and old [REVISED AS REQUESTED]

This! People just walk in and buy everything :wink: .

I’m reasonably stocked on masonry right now, but I might be in touch. Got a feeling that with the improved leveling experience we’ll see a lot more customers around.


You don’t need to worry - I won’t be buying all of your slingbows! With my current skill spec they seem to last me a very long time, so I’ll only ever need to own one or two at a time. I mainly want to buy the types I haven’t tried yet to see what they do! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I have increased my prices on gem and titanium based goods today (both buy and sell) to accommodate significantly higher demand (about 10%).

Restocked on
Rough oort stones
Oort shards (full stand)
Machined iron
Shop stands
Cream refined gleam
Diamond/Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire Slingbows
and more

Now buying
All rough gems @ 350c each (500 000 in basket)
Yellow and blue gleam @ 50c each (4 000 in each basket)
Titanium ore @ 200c each (50 000 in basket)
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 9/22/55 each (100 000 in basket)
Compact peat @ 15 each (30 000 in basket)
Cream gleam @ 4 each (8 000 in basket)
Small/medium/large fossils @ 4/16/40 each (6 000 in basket)


Hi everyone!

I am looking for a supplier of trunk/wood. Please contact me by private message if you are interested.

Gems @ 350 coin each (500 000 in basket)
Rough oort stone @ 80 coin each (500 000 in basket)
Coal @ 9/22/55 coin per soft/medium/hard (100 000 in basket)
Titanium ore @ 200 coin each (50 000 in basket)
Yellow/blue Gleam @ 50 coin each (4000 in each basket)
Fossils @ 5/20/50 per small/medium/large (10 000 in basket)
Trunks @ 4 coin each (10 000 in basket)
Cream gleam @ 4 coin each (10 000 in basket)
All rock @ 2 coin each (20 000 in basket)
Clay/peat soil @ 2 coin each (30 000 in basket)
Compact peat @ 15 coin each (30 000 in basket)

I am restocked on many things including coal, rough oort stones, yellow gleam, sedimentary & refined sedimentary rock


Nooo you always increase prices just after I sell stuff to you :joy::sob:


Hi everyone!

Now buying
All my request baskets have been refilled (almost 1 000 000 coin up for grabs)

Gems @ 350 coin each
Titanium ore @ 260 coin each
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 10/25/62 each
Rough oortstones @ 90 each
Small/medium/large fossils @ 7/28/70 each
Iron ore @ 5 coin each
Trunks @ 4 coin each
Cream gleam @ coin each

Now selling/restocked
Fossil Extract @ 7 coin each
Soft/medium coal @ 12 / 30 coin each
Rough oortstones @ 100 coin each
Oort shards @ 10 coin each
Cream gleam @ 6 coin each



All of my request baskets have been refilled - as usual I’m buying almost anything that matters. Of special note:

Increased buying rates
Gold @ 18 coin each (along with titanium @ 200 and iron @ 5)
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 10/25/62c each
Fibrous leaf @ 7 coin each
Red gleam @ 400 coin each
Clay soil @ 3 coin each

Restocked on

  • Shop stands & request baskets
  • Soft/medium/compact soft coal
  • Glass
  • Fossil extract
  • Shelfs & glue
  • Compact/refined/machined copper
  • Common Timbers & trunks
  • All gleams & refined gleams (except raw cream gleam)
  • Metamorphic stone / refined metamorphic rock
  • All decorative rock types @ 14 coin each (thanks @Smidge!)


Now easier than ever to find
You can now find The Omni Shop directly from Moebius Plaza. Just look for the most “exotically” decorated portal:

Restocked on
Topaz slingbows/hammers @ 3 300 each
Titanium hammer/chisel/slingbow @ 1 100 each
Gold chisels @ 680 each
Healing brews, Cooked starberries & cooked meat
Metamorphic / Sedimentary / Igneous Rock
Igneous Stones

Now buying
As usual all of my request baskets have been restocked. Special focus on:

Clay soil @ 3 coin each (30 000 coin in basket)
Silty soil @ 2 coin each (20 000 coin in basket)
Rock @ 2 coin each (20 000 coin in basket)


Hi everyone!

Many things have been restocked including all my request baskets.

I am looking for somebody to help supply ores/coals/fossils.
I am also looking for a supplier of clay soil (and other soils).