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gonna reorganize my stuff and i know i got loads of stuff from digging out entire lake :grin: soil will be provided lol a have a stupid amount off mud i can offeryou for 0,2 c lol


Hi everyone!

I have yet again done extensive restocking (about 500 000 coin’s stuff). The list is too long to type out, so be sure to check in. Restocking includes tools, coal, oort, gleam, rock, trunk, soil, etc.

All of my request baskets have also been replenished.

Have fun shopping!



Ores (200 000 coin)
Titanium ore @ 260c each
Gold ore @ 18c each
Silver ore @ 30c each
Copper ore @ 4c each
Iron Ore @ 6c each

Coals (200 000 coin)
Soft coal @ 10c each
Medium coal @ 25c each
Hard coal @ 62c each

Peaty soil @ 2c each (10 000 coin total)
Clay soil @ 2c each (20 000 coin total)
Silty soil @ 1c each (10 000 coin total)
Compact peat @ 16c each (80 000 coin total)

Yellow gleam @ 50c each (5 000 coin total)
Blue gleam @ 50c each (10 000 coin total)

Fossils (20 000 coin total)
Small fossils @ 8c each
Medium fossils @ 32c each
Large fossils @ 80c each

Gems (500 000 coin total)
Rough Gems @ 380c each
Rough Oortstone @ 70c each

Bones @ 7c each (14 000 coin total)
Trunks @ 5c each (20 000 coin total)
Fibrous leaf @ 7c each (14 000 coin total)
Inky leaf @ 3c each (14 000 coin total)
All rock @ 1c each (20 000 coin total)
Ancient Tech Components @ 50c each (3 000 coin total)
Ancient Tech Fragments @ 10c each (3 000 coin total)



300 000 coin’s coal:
Soft coal @ 11c each
Medium coal @ 27c each
Hard Coal @ 80c each

Bones @ 10c each
Oort Stones @ 90c each
Any gems @ 380c each
And still everything from the post above

Just in / for sale

Some topaz tools @ 3 700 each
All titanium tools
All gold, silver, iron, copper tools
Portal conduits & spark coords
Storage blocks
Lamps & torches
Various ores & woods
Various gleams
Various rocks, stones & refined rocks
Sedimentary brick


hi omni happy to see you all my refined igneous stones (red) from vulpto suplyers are dry could you do some omni magic and provide them :smile:


@the-moebius Got a few red igneous stones in today. I’m not gonna have a steady supply anytime soon.


Soft/medium/hard coal @ 13/33/93c each
Compact peat @ 23c each
Peaty soil @ 3c each
Rough oortstones @ 90c each
All gems @ 380c each
Bones @ 10c each
Blue/yellow gleam @ 75c each
Trunks @ 5c each
Copper/iron/gold/silver/titanium ore @ 5/6/20/35/260c each

Now Selling

Raw blue, yellow and cream gleam
Refined red, blue, yellow and cream gleam



Everything from the 2 posts above, with the following increases:

Gold ore @ 30c each
Silver ore @ 45c each
Fibrous Leaf @ 10c each
Titanium ore reduced to 250c each (down from 260c)


i was to late :smile:


Now buying all refined gleams as well. Check out my new gleam section:


Now buying and selling all manner of rock in my new rock section. Rock from ring worlds now purchased at increased rates.


Stone, brick and refined rock are now in the new format too:

As well as my new buy/sell all lighting section:


I just wanted to tell you that your shop is awsome! I spent like an hour here yesterday to choose the stones for my building. Best part is the signs that tells me which planet has which stones. It is a big help for a newbie like me. It would be even better if you can make signs for woods and leaves and gems too.


I’m slowly but certainly converting everything to the new style. In the process I’m adding buying plinth for most things too!

Here’s my progress on trunks (timbers are in the next isle)


Extra, extra!

My ore and coals section is now ready in the new wing of my store. In addition to my previous offers I now purchase compact soft/medium/hard coal and copper/iron/silver/gold/titanium bars/alloy/compact bars/refined bars.


Hi everyone!

The Omni Shop now has a new machines shelve and is buying all forms of machinery. Be sure to check it out!

I’m also restocked on iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, gold and titanium hammers and many other things.

As usual I’m buying and selling almost everything imaginable - now with more diversity than ever before.


The transformation continues

More shelfs have been converted to the new style with request baskets.

I now purchase machines, glass, shop stands, request baskets, storage blocks and shelfs, doors, slides, trampolines, crafting tables, fire pits, crucibles, beacons, portal conduits, warp conduits and more.


Hi everyone!

I’ve done a restocking on many items today as well as recharging all my request baskets (this is starting to take some time now…) . The new request baskets are seeing a lot of traffic - which has helped with stock on several items :slight_smile:

If you want to make serious coin per hour, please sell me:
Gems (especially diamond @ 400c each)
Any form of spark: Coals, compact coals, peats, compact peats

The demand for spark/smelt remains crazy - without some steady supply I’ll be forced to push prices up again to keep stock (up 300% since I started playing so far).


Now purchasing:

Soft/medium/hard coal @ 14/36/100 coin each
Compact soft/medium/hard coal @ 100/220/670 coin each
Compact peat @ 26 coin each
Copper/iron/silver/gold/titanium bar @ 16/21/60/50/150 coin each
Also purchasing virtually everything else in the game from leafs to machines

Stocked on:

All tools, masonry, machines, timber, gleams, drops, portal conduit, shop stands and most other items in the games.

Teaser: Also busy crafting 90 new gem tools that will be for sale as of tomorrow / Wednesday.


This is just an FYI post - I basically can’t play at all this week and next week due to travel and extensive work hours. If I run low on stock during this please bear with me.


Hi everyone,

My shop has received several additional upgrades including a more detailed coal section, a revamped leaves section, better organization for natural blocks and further moves of request baskets to the isles. There’s also a lot of new stock available.