The Omni Shop


Hi everyone!

I’ve recently moved all my tools to their new section next to the gems. I’ve replenished all my request baskets and increased my purchase rates on several items including bricks and compact clay!

My shop now also has a map showing you where all the major categories of items are.

In the spirit of Black Friday I’m running a special on refined titanium alloy (1500c each) and have tons of freshly stocked gem tools available (including slingbows, hammers, shovels and grapples).

Have fun shopping :slight_smile:


Limited time offer

Offer valid while request basket coin lasts (about 300 000 coin). First come first serve.
Terms and conditions apply.

Soft/medium/hard coal @ 15/37/108 coin each
Compact soft/medium/hard coal @ 108/270/770 coin each
Peat/compact peat @ 3/27 coin each


I’m back!

Restocked on:

  • Oort Stones & Shards
  • Clay Soil
  • Shop Stands
  • Titanium Hammers
  • Ancient Tech Components
  • Mixers, Extractors, Compactors
  • Ores
  • Sapphire/Emerald Torches
  • Lustrous Wood
  • Iron Chisels
  • Amethyst Tools
  • Silver Hammers/Bows
  • Compact Clay

and more.

Now buying / recoined:

  • Oort Stones
  • Clay Soil
  • Ancient Tech Components
  • Inky leaf
  • Refined Red Gleam @ 200c each
  • Refined Yellow/Blue Gleam @ 75c each


I really love your shop!! It really saved me when I needed tools and supplies in a pinch, I can’t craft the high level stuff yet. THANK YOU @OmniUno :v:


Just wondering how do I get to your shop from PG its been awhile lol


Fire Caverns portal network has a link to Omni as does Jeff’s hub. Fire caverns portal is in Karo’s big guild building hall in PixelGate. When you go into the our hub from PixelGate take a left up the stairs then you will see a sign for Munteen Paradise. Go through that one and take a right.


dont forget to check out aquatopia shopping center :smile:
got like 20 people selling stuff there :smile:


Very good advice! Aquatopia is indeed a great one-stop shopping location.

I haven’t had much time to play recently. I do actively post on the forums when my shop is restocked so keep an eye on this thread!


Hi everyone! I’m back in front of a PC again for a while.

Gem bonanza!

Now purchasing all gems at 500 coin each!

Recoined request:

  • Rough oortstone request basket (@ 120 coin each, 180 000 coin)
  • Gem request baskets (@ 500 coin each, 80 000+ coin per basket)
  • Bones (@ 10 coin each, 20 000 coin total)
  • Ore/coal request baskets (30 000+ coin per basket)
  • Blue / yellow gleam @ 150 coin each, 45 000 coin per basket
  • Inky leaf (@ 15 coin each, 30 000 coin total)
  • Gleam lanterns, refined rock, lustrous trunk, rock, clay soil, refined blue gleam and more

Restocked on:

  • Rough Oortstones
  • Red & cream gleam
  • Refined blue/yellow gleam
  • Clay soil
  • Peaty soil & compact peat
  • Soft/medium/hard coal
  • Compact soft/medium/hard coal
  • Copper/iron/silver/gold/titanium ore
  • Refined iron/silver/titanium ore
  • Compact silver/titanium alloy
  • Machined iron
  • Extractors, compactors, lanterns, sign modules
  • All Rock & All Refined Metamorphic & All Common Refined Rock
  • Gleam lanterns
  • Lustrous wood trunk

This is getting way too long. I’ll end with: And much much more!


Hi everyone!

Black gold

I’m buying coal @ 15 / 37 / 108 coin per soft / medium / hard coal. This is the most lucrative way to earn a lot of coin quickly. Get in whilst the prices are still high!

My request baskets have been restocked as well. If you want to sell something and I don’t buy it yet (or I’m out of coin for it) just post here!

Now selling / restocked:

  • Got a healthy stock of rough oorstones (1 000+) @ 140 coin each
  • Oort shards @ 16 coin each
  • Request baskets & shop stands
  • All types of tools
  • All rough gems @ 550 each
  • Iron spanners (recommended with the wear changes)
  • Diamond hammers / shovels
  • Copper ore / iron ore


Now buying:

  • Sand @ 1 coin each (10 000 coin in basket)
  • Raw Starberries @ 2 coin each
  • Clay @ 2 coin each (40 000 coin over 2 baskets)
  • Compact Clay @ 15 coin each
  • Any rocks @ 1c+ each (15 000+ coin per basket, need lots!)
  • All my gem baskets have been recoined

Now selling:

  • Topaz hammers/shovels/grapples/slingbows @ 5000c each
    All of my other gem tools have been decreased to 5000c each as well
    More on the way!

  • Medium compact coal @ 350c each


Hi everyone!

I’m stocking up for Christmas. All my requests baskets have been refilled.

Special focus on:

  • Coals @ 15/37/108 each
  • Gems @ 400 each
  • Fossils @ 8/30/80 each
  • Clay @ 2 each
  • Sand @ 1 each
  • Bones @ 10 each
  • Raw starberries @ 2 each
  • Inky leaves @ 15 each
  • Fibrous leaves @ 5 each

And of course all ores, peats, silty soil and other drops you happen to have extras off!


Hey bud,

I’ve been buying/selling pretty much exclusively with your shop (and a bit at Doom’s while he had some better prices on Titanium Hammers :grin: ), and I’ve noticed that both your forum posts and price signs advertise your buying some products for certain amounts, but when I get to the baskets, the prices are different. Soft coal for example: it is supposed to be 15c an item, but for me it shows 14c. Med. Coal @ 37, basket is at 34c. ect. Is this correct or am I being taxed for selling you items through the basket? The way I read it (which is probably horribly wrong lol.) is that the seller has to pay tax on items sold, not the buyer. Or is this set up like IRL where everyone pays tax on items bought? If so, I’m going to need purchase recites for everything I’ve bought from you in the last 2 weeks just in case I get audited by the Oort IRS.



oh man huge scavenger swarmps seen around lol
ya gonna be stuffed omni :smile:


Tax is applied on the user’s side of the transaction and not the plinth’s side of the transaction. So you pay a tax when selling to a shop and a tax when buying from a shop. It’s 10% rounded so you’ll notice that it does not affect lower-value items like rocks and soils at all.


Good to know. Thank you for clearing that up for me.


I’ve taken the 25% reduced tax nodes now. Not sure how/if they work at all. Please share if you find my prices to be have changed as a result :slight_smile:


Ok, so for science and such I went and checked. Prices are the same as before, but I had some points saved up and went ahead and used them. Only had enough for the 10% reduction on my end, and it was enough to change the prices. So, it effects the buyer. Once I invest in the 25%, I’ll be able to clean you out once and for all! Muahahahaha. lol. For reals though, thanks for looking into it and explaining the system better, and your assortment of goods.



Thanks for your feedback on how the tax skills work :slight_smile:

Always fun to help others enjoy the game! Boundless is so unique with its opportunities for us to affect the world.


is this a commentary on our collective naughtiness?