The Omni Shop


I actually didn’t know that there was a thing with Christmas and coal - had to Google it to get the reference (completely not a thing around here).

Probably rather ironic then that the top of my Christmas buy list is coal :blush:


For those who haven’t visited recently, I have a large assortment of gem tools available including diamond, emerald, ruby and topaz.

Also still buying everything from my most recent list:

Coals @ 15/37/108 each
Gems @ 400 each
Fossils @ 6/24/60 each
Clay @ 2 each
Sand @ 1 each
Bones @ 10 each
Raw starberries @ 2 each
Inky leaves @ 15 each
Fibrous leaves @ 5 each

And, as asual, buying/selling pretty much everything else in the game


I’m out of town for the holidays and may or may not have a good enough connection or time to play.
In the past few months I’ve found real accord with the Boundless community and it’s the first game I’ve called home in a long time.

So to everyone making this game what it is: devs, player legends and newbies alike:

Merry Christmas and a Boundless New Year!


Merry Christmas @OmniUno, Good Luck with your Holiday , hope you have heaps of fun.


NOOOOOOO thats wy your em tools havent restocked in a while. im to buy after i go on a hunt :smiley:


Hi everyone!

  1. I’m increasing my purchase rate for gems to 450c each (and their resell rate to 550c each). Gem tools remain for sale @ 5000 coin each.

Now buying
Gold ore @ 50c each
Silver ore @ 60c each
Soft/medium/hard coal @ 15/37/108c each
Compact peat @ 27c each (mined from shrines in forests on moon/ring worlds)
Common metamorphic rock @ 2c each (limited time offer, 20 000 coin in basket)
Ancient tech components @ 400c each (40 000 coin in basket)
Red gleam @ 500c each (50 000 coin in basket)
Refined red gleam @ 300c each (60 000 coin in basket)
Silty soil @ 3c each (21 000 coin in basket)
Inky leafs @ 15c each (30 000 coin in basket)
Trunks @ 7c each (many baskets with thousands and thousands and thousands of coin)

Also, most of my request baskets have been restocked. If one does not have (enough) coin in but has an item set - please let me know!

Now selling
Compact clay @ 18c each
And as usual - almost everything else in the game :wink:


Bravo on that shop Omni. My friends and I refer to it as “walmart” lol.

Me: heading to walmart anyone need anything?

Friends: yeah go sell these rocks for me and grab a few hammers.


Hi everyone!


I see my compact clay price never actually lowered (I’m blaming my crappy connection yesterday) - it is 18c as advertised now.

Now buying

  • Soft/medium/hard coal @ 16/40/115c each
  • Compact peat @ 30c each (up from 27c each yesterday)
  • Trunks @ 7c each (baskets recoined)
  • Iron Ore @ 6c each (up from 5c yesterday, 24 000c in basket)
  • Any metamorphic rock @ 2c each (limited time offer, 20 000c in basket again)
  • All gems @ 450c each (100 000c per gem type - ruby fixed)
  • Lanterns @ 40c each (8 000c in basket)
  • Gleam lanterns @ 50c each (10 000c in basket)
  • Blue/yellow gleam lanterns @ 120c each (12 000c in each basket)
  • Red gleam lanterns @ 400c each (40 000c in basket)
  • Gold ore @ 60c each (up from 50c each)
  • Silver ore @ 70c each (up from 60c each)

Now selling

  • Coal at even higher rates (+10%). My prices have been increased across the board - supply just isn’t keeping up :frowning: Any coal miners want to make a quick fortune?
  • Due to this increase silver & gold tools are now more expensive than titanium tools (since they use ~10 more soft coal to craft each).
  • Red gleam @ 600c each
  • Fossil extract @ 7c each (down from 8c each)
  • Cloth @ 5c each (down from 6c each)
  • Special! Refined metamorphic rock @ 1c each


Hi everyone!

I’ve got lots of compact/refined gems for sale as well as stock on many gem slingbows.

Also if anybody is willing to help gather peat/compact peat/coals there’s lots and lots of coin with your name on it. For interested new players I can help with gear, locations and skill setup to maximize your coin (and xp) per hour from mining.


Hi Omni, thats exactly why coal price can’t go up that much, it’s not logical in my opinion. Then again, as one of your competitor, a can’t really argue your decision.

Lets go coal miners, we need to balance things out.



Increasing coal prices is a way to incentivize more people to mine it. If it becomes more efficient to mine coal then more would do it. If coal prices get out of hand then players will start looking for other ways to find fuel, cough peat cough ;). The scarcity with coal in shops could also have to do with poor volumes of players though I’m not sure how many people Omni gets walking in and out of his shop a day, that would definitely be a fun metric. Things will start to reach equilibrium with more time and more players.


Hi everyone!

Now Selling:

  • Compact clay is now only 16c each! Got lots in stock and more coming
  • Restocked on all non-gem tools and many other things
    Got lots of gem tools too and tons of refined gems if you want to craft your own
  • Restocked on soft/medium/hard/compact soft/compact coal
  • Now selling ink extract @ 6c each (just opposite the fossil extract)
  • 100+ portal conduit now for sale @ 400c each
  • Oort Shards now @ 15c each
  • Rough Oortstone now @ 130c each
  • Compact peat @ 37c each
  • I have some additional silver/gold ore in stock as well as silver alloy (compact silver alloy will be in stock again soon)


Also worth mentioning:

  • Silver/gold tools now down to 1350c each. Got some coal supply :wink:
  • Got quite a lot of gleam in stock too - with new lower prices
  • Bricks/decorative are now restocked and priced a bit lower priced. Be sure to check these out for some cool build options :sunglasses:


In my experience coal is too valuable to sell–how am I going to keep all these portals going?


Hi, new player here, where is your shop? (planet and coordinates) I want to come and shop at your place! @OmniUno


Is there a chance you will be selling the purple gleam soon? I would really love to buy some :smiley:

  1. My shop is Munteen Paradise (look for the 4 red towers). That’s the capital of Munteen so if you’re already on the planet you can just follow the capital marker on your compass.
  2. There’s also marked portal from Moebius Plaza on Therka (the big portal hub).
  3. I’m also connected to Jeff’s Transfer Station network which has entrances in almost every major city.


Thank you! I will visit your shop soon!


So, my CPU did this (1st gen i7, it served me well):

Which led to me buying a 7th gen i7 over the weekend. Whilst redoing my PC I noticed that Factorio has a patch - which is the perfect way to properly test my belated Christmas surprise-CPU.

Which leads me to:

Fire Sale


Everything must go. At reduced rates. And no more buying for a little while. I’ll be applying the changes throughout the evening - might take a while

I’m taking a mini-(half)-break to binge-build a factory in my game-time. So I’ll still be around a little bit and check the forums and probably be back right after.


A fellow Factory Manager!? Enjoy the new update. I’m waiting for a few mods to update, and the time to update a few of my own before I even think about sinking a another minute into making science packs. lol.