The Omni Shop


So BEFORE the fire sale (by just emptying my request baskets):


Prices during fire sale:


  • Stone: 5c
  • Copper/Iron: 50c
  • Silver/Gold: 1150c
  • Titanium: 1000c
  • Gem Tools: 4000c


  • Rough: 450c
  • Compact Gem: 3250c
  • Refined Gem: 2350c
  • Gem Torches: 100c


  • Cooked Starberry: 22c
  • Cooked Meat: 21c
  • Healing Brew: 46c


  • Crafting tables: 15c
  • Iron Furnace Base: 100c
  • Stone Furnace Base/Crucible: 5c
  • Storage Blocks: 55c
  • Storage Shelfs: 60c
  • Trapdoor/Door Piece: 30c
  • Slide: 3c
  • Sign: 80c
  • Sign Module: 75c
  • Beacon Control: 30c
  • Glass: 21c
  • Lock: 105c
  • Request Baskets: 40c
  • Shop Stands: 40c
  • Spark Cores: 1000c
  • Spark Cord: 11c
  • Mixer: 85c


  • Ink extract: 4c
  • Fossil extract: 5c
  • Ancient tech components: 400c
  • Ancient tech fragments: 10c
  • Plinths: 45c
  • Cloth: 3c
  • Glue: 30c
  • Cogs: 19c
  • Nails: 3c
  • Sticks: 2c
  • Sap: 2c
  • Raw Starberry: 3c
  • Tallow/Raw Meat: 1c
  • Fibrous Leaf: 5c
  • Inky Leaf: 15c
  • Dark Blood: 2c
  • Compact Clay: 15c
  • Compact Silt: 15c


  • Oort Shards: 13c
  • Oort Stones: 100c
  • Portal Conduit: 340c
  • Warp Conduit: 40c


  • Exotic Leaves: 3c
  • Flowers: 5c
  • Grass Seeds: 2c
  • Red Refined Gleam: 300c
  • Blue/Yellow Refined Gleam: 75c
  • Cream Refined Gleam: 3c
  • Red Gleam: 500c
  • Blue/Yellow Gleam: 100c
  • Cream Gleam: 4c

Natural Blocks:

  • Sand/Mud: 1c
  • Gravel: 2c
  • Ice/Glacier: 1c
  • Silty Soil: 2c
  • Clay Soil: 2c
  • All trunks: 7c
  • All timber: 2c


  • Common Rock/Refined: 2c
  • Vulpto/Nasharil Rock/Refined: 3c
  • All stones: 1c
  • Bricks: 18c
  • Decorative Rock: 15c


  • Torches: 1c
  • Gleam Lantern: 60c
  • Blue/Yellow Gleam Lantern: 120c
  • Red Gleam Lantern: 400c
  • Lantern: 45c


  • Copper Ore: 6c
  • Iron Ore: 7c
  • Silver Ore: 70c
  • Gold Ore: 60c
  • Titanium Ore: 120c
  • Titanium Bar: 140c
  • Silver Bar: 95c
  • Iron Bar: 26c
  • Copper Bar: 25c
  • Compact Copper: 180c
  • Compact Iron: 185c
  • Compact Silver Alloy: 925c
  • Compact Titanium Alloy: 2150c
  • Silver Alloy: 125c
  • Gold Alloy: 125c
  • Titanium Alloy: 300c
  • Refined Copper: 130c
  • Refined Iron: 135c
  • Refined Silver Alloy: 705c
  • Machined Copper: 91c
  • Machined Iron: 95c


  • Peaty Soil: 3c
  • Soft Coal: 17c
  • Medium Coal: 45c
  • Hard Coal: 125c
  • Compact Soft Coal: 125c
  • Compact Peat: 30c
  • Compact Coal: 310c


Nearly 4 mil… Ok…


Insane right? We live in the Omnifeller age :P.

Congrats Omni! Wonderful job.


saving up for a darkmatter armour set


/cry… well back to setting up my own shop to sell off my junk hehe


WTB 8 Silver/gold Ore/bars for 2000c

No request baskets (yet - that’s what I need the ore for :wink: ) so hand trade only.


Coming soon:

Will post again once I am buying/selling


Now open for business



My request baskets have been recoined and my buying prices upped. Also have some cogs for sale.



Restocked and new items




I am now trading in 34 different items with more to come during the week - the list is getting too long to post here. For the most part I am buying a ton of stuff to get stocked.

I realize that my prices may seem harsh - this is due to the current turbulent nature of the market. Please bear with me and watch them stabilize in the next few days :wink:


Restocked, recoined, even more choice

Hi everyone,

I’ve just recoined all dozen request baskets and restocked 26 shop stands. I am now trading in 51 different items - you can get a full up-to-date pricelist at this link:


Added a ton of additional buy orders - now trading in 77 items. Also, more stock and some unlisted odds and ends on my stands.


Just restocked with some ore, tech components and tech devices.


Better pricing

I’m buying and selling at much better rates today than yesterday - be sure to check out my revised pricing. Expect it to get even better as the market stabilizes further.

Now selling

Ancient tech components @ 182c each
Volatile blood @ 150c each
Fibrous leaves @ 33c each
Silver ore @ 218c each
Gold ore @ 260c each

Now buying

Adrenal Gland
Ancient Tech Component
Ancient Tech Remnant
Any Foliage
Barbed Grass Seed
Bitter Bean
Clay Soil
Cobalt Fragment
Copper Ore
Edible Lamella
Fibrous Leaf
Fleshy Leaf
Floatation Sac
Fresh Blood
Glowing Lamella
Gnarled Grass Seed
Gold Ore
Hard Coal
Hopper Eye
Inky Leaf
Iron Ore
Medium Coal
Milk Gland
Olivine Fragment
Peaty Soil
Pulsating Orb
Raw Earthyam
Raw Exotic Earthyam
Raw Glossy Starberry
Raw Juicy Starberry
Raw Lean Meat
Raw Meat
Raw Prime Meat
Raw Starberry
Raw Waxy Earthyam
Reactive Lamella
Roadrunner Eye
Rock Salt
Saltpetre Fragment
Shadow Orb
Shimmering Orb
Silty Soil
Silver Ore
Soft Coal
Spark Sac
Spitter Eye
Sulphur Fragment
Sweet Bean
Thermal Sac
Titanium Ore
Trunk: Any
Verdant Grass Seed
Viscous Blood
Vital Orb
Volatile Blood
Wildstock Eye


How do your prices keep getting better when they’re always THE BEST?


Well my silver prices used to be lower :wink:


Now selling

Volatile blood @ 116c each!
Ancient tech components @ 121c each!
Silver/gold ore @ 121c each!

And lots of other pricing improvements as found on my price list

EDIT: Oh, and recoined and restocked on most things just now.


Where can i find tech components? Ive searched quite a bit on a metal world and on the starter planet beckon. found silver and one block of gold but no components. just lots of tech-frags. also if i can make it to you ill come buy some but im not sure what my blink and coin are lookin like


You can use the portal seekers portal network to get to me - they have portals connecting almost every planet in the universe. As for where to get them - the higher tier planets are the place to go - I like Serpensarindi but Besevrona was very similar in my tests.