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That’s why I bought all your compact peat and filled your iron ore basket in Therka :wink:

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Hi Everyone!

I’m now stocking some Oort Shards @ 5c each.
And Warp Conduit (15c). And Healing Brews (50c). And Beacon Controls (20c). And Iron Grapples (40c). And Refined Igneous Rock (2c), Glass (20c)

Also restocked most things and brought down some prices (like Iron Ore @ 10c, Fossil Extract 8c, Soft/Medium Coal 9/22c, Torches 3c, Sap 2c, Lantern 35c, Gravel 1c).

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Added extractors, workbenches, portal conduit and a (temporary?) freebie (0 coin) section towards the end. Everything has stock again.

There’s also a new road, new towers and some new props.


Extra! Extra!

As usual, my commodities have been restocked.

I’m currently buying iron ore at 9c each (basket has 6 000 coin). This is a good opportunity for some quick coin if anybody is interested! Selling copper hammers at 40c if you want to make a quick buck. Also, iron grapples to make the spelunking easier.

I also have more than 300 fossil extract for sale at only 6c each*

while stocks last


I have a fresh batch of rubies that I’m going to make tools with. I would like to offer these for sale. Before I start crafting I’d like to take requests. I’m looking for 3000 per tool. What kind of tools would you be willing to buy (hammer / axe / grapple / shovel / none / price too high)?

Slippers, obviously. That insta-warp you home when you click the heels. :smiley: Those I’d buy.

Actually, back when you first made the ruby hammers, I bought one. It was my first ever gem hammer and I felt like a total badass. And then I died, TWICE, on the way home… Now I’m too scared to actually take the thing out of its cupboard. I still haven’t hit a single rock with it. So ends my tale of woe. :cry:

I’d buy a grapple, though. At least I’d get to use it on the way to my inevitable death…probably?


At this point I tragically discover that I can’t craft gem grapples :frowning: I’ll be making a set of shovels and axes - I’ll make a point of selling some refined gem that can be made into anything with my next batch - to help with experimentation.

Such tales are sadly common :frowning: This evening I went to Kawwak’s to drop some stuff off, experienced some lag and ran right through the wall of his iron ship (to my death). Later I hit a bit of lag on the stairs of my home and died falling down one (apparently you can lose a lot of hp falling from laggy stairs). That right there was half of my titanium hammer (the other half made it to the mine at least!).

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In a happy coincidence, I just leveled up and was debating what to spend my skill points on! I’ll take a couple refined rubies, then. :slight_smile:

Excellent! I’ve put up 15 refined ruby for 1500 each towards the back of the store.


i can make gem grapples if you would like me to craft some for you :slight_smile:

hey its moebius i bought 3 titanium hammers to much by accident
could you buy them back i buy alot at your shop
i resell them in my workshop go to moebius street in therka via planetary travel hub
then theres a portal to moebius plaza and on plaza theres a portal to my workshop
ill be helping out shop but please i dont need the hammers hahahhaa

Found it. You’ve been refunded.

Thanks for supporting my store :slight_smile:

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thanks man

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Specials (buying):

Buying rough diamond / rubies @ 250 each. Got 25 000 coin for use on this so get in while the coin lasts!
Still looking for a few thousand iron @ 9 coin each. This is an awesomely easy way to make some coin - you can easily get a hundred in a single mining run.

Now Selling:
Ruby Hammers: Got 10 left @ 3000 coin each
Ruby Axes: Got 9 just in @ 3000 coin each
Refined Ruby: Got 13 left @ 1500 coin each

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sold 200 iron lot of berrys and bought machines and all oorts shards
i love this shop thumbs up for omni shop

i come from transferstation always could you not upgrade stairs little bit
its weird climb up there on upper floor

but could be only me im lazy ask prozeed lol
moebius out

SWprozee1 lol

I’m sorry I’m a bit confused by the request? My trade floor is exactly level with the transfer station’s exit - you don’t need to climb any stair after exiting the station to reach my floor. Unless you are referring to the stairs in the transfer station?

yeah those nevermind though lol

A new section with rock, stone, refined and decorated is now available. Be sure to check this section if you need any building materials!

I have rearranged my entire store to make it a bit more organized, here are screenshots with where everything is now:

Thanks to all for supporting my shop!