The Omni Shop


Howdy folks,

My request baskets are recoined and my shop baskets are full.

I’ve made some minor pricing adjustments but nothing to write home about. As usual, you can find those on my pricelist.


Omni have you much in the way of forge ingredients? i only have a few hours in the evenings to play and would rather buy that stuff that go looking.


Hey omi, are you selling healing brew or slingbows?


sold :smile:


No forge mats, but I have most of the raw mats you need to craft them in stock.

Not currently - mostly focusing on raw mats. You can see everything I’m buying and selling on my price list :wink:


Restocked with some shimmering orbs, rough diamond, silver/gold/titanium ore, bones, glass, charcoal, rock salt, compact peat if anybody wants


Good weekend all!

My shop is recoined, stocked and ready for business! I have raised my buying and selling prices on fragments and sweet/bitter beans to help get some stock on them.

I will be doing some upgrades over the weekend - track this thread for more info!


Seems you are out of diamonds? :frowning:


Yeah they tend to sell out fast :slight_smile:

Keep an eye out for more posts with restocks :wink:


Hiya everyone!

I’ve just recoined and restocked most of my request baskets and shop stands.

Now also selling sign modules, spark links, ink, crafting tables and iron hammers.

My pricing has also received a revamp: now paying more for many scarce items and dropped my prices on some common ones (for those that do not know get my prices here:

Lastly, I now have more request baskets to better split up coin per resource type. If there’s any raw mat you want to sell that I don’t yet buy please let me know :wink:


Got 100+ rough sapphire for sale if anybody wants


Where are you settled now?
The op still say munteen.



The Omni Shop… “NOW WITH STAIRS” =D

Come one come all and see the future of shopping… STAIRS!

lol, good to see the shop is going well =P


Now selling workbenches, extractors and storage blocks. Also got 2 rubies and a bunch of sapphire/diamond for sale.

Restocked on glass, glue, sign modules and signs.

Also, my request baskets are full of coin for those who want some.


Hey there, where is the live world’s Omni shop? I may very well be interested in buying :stuck_out_tongue:



Restocked, recoined and ready for business! Several of my prices have been updated to reflect reality (

Cya soon :wink:


You should put a sign on the front of you store. You have a few left I didn’t buy them all. :wink:


Would you be able to put your to sell gem prices on your website please?