The Omni Shop


They are there:


I have restocked signs and sign modules - and more crafting :wink:


Ah, thought you might have added the ruby/ sapphire price since you’ve started selling a few


They are all priced the same for now.


Ok. thank you



Restocked, recoined and pricing adjusted on several items yet again. Also selling a lot of new stuff towards the back of my shop :wink:


Do you gather this all yourself? Or if you buy from suppliers, I might be interesting in selling a little surplus if I ever come around. Of course, if you DO have player sources, rest assured I’m not snooping for a potential lower price :wink:


I have a very large variety of request baskets that almost always have coin in them!

My gameplay focus is on running a large shop so expect the variety of items I sell and volume in which I buy to increase as time passes. Pre-wipe I would have at least a million coin in request baskets at all times :wink:


Restocked, recoined and ready for business.


As usual: Restocked, recoined and price list up to date.

Now buying:

  • Thermal Sacs @ 249c each
  • Ancient Tech Remnants @ 13c each
  • Shimmering Orbs @ 349c each
  • Reactive Lamella @ 108c each
  • Glowing Lamella @ 16c each
  • Volatile Blood @ 49c each
  • Saltpetre Fragments @ 249c each
  • Sulphur Fragments @ 88c each

Restocked on:

  • Shimmering orbs


Now selling:

  • Spark Generators
  • Plinths
  • Bomb Charges
  • Cogs
  • Refined Gleam
  • Syrup
  • Bag of Baking Powder
  • Bag of Flour
  • Bag of Sugar
  • Compound Base
  • Paste Base
  • Gum Base
  • Silver Alloy
  • Gold Alloy
  • Compact Copper
  • Compact Iron
  • Refined Copper
  • Refined Iron
  • Machined Copper
  • Machined Iron

Restocked on:

  • Special Gum


Any Interest in buying refined gems Omni?


Any chance you’ll be buying creature mantel, petals, or elemental shards?


Not at this point Nevioni.

Yes, I’ll start to trade in all of these soon :wink:


As usual: restocked, recoined and ready for business.

Now buying

Creature mantles, petals and all elemental shards!


Are you new?

The Omni Shop has almost everything you need to get started:

  • Iron Tools to gather with
  • Workbenches, Furnaces, Spark Generators, Spark Coord, Extractors, Mixers to craft with
  • Stones, timbers, gleam, signs to build with
  • Ores, bars, alloys, tech remnants / components / devices
  • Fuel

Find me on and compare prices here:

Now buying

  • All request baskets recoined
  • Edible Lamella @ 8c each
  • Raw Exotic Earthyam @ 162c each

Now selling

  • Creature mantles
  • Blast / chill / corrosion shards

Restocked with

  • Mixers
  • Signs
  • Iron Hammers
  • Compact Clay
  • Timber


Price slash

My new crazy low prices include:

  • Titanium alloy @ 367c each
  • Titanium ore @ 237c each
  • Silver/Gold ore @ 119c each
  • Silver/Gold alloy @ 112c each
  • Ancient Tech Components @ 13c each
  • Ancient Tech Devices @ 129c each
  • Spark Generators @ 195c each

Check the rest on my



  • Raw Earthyam
  • Edible Lamella
  • Raw Waxy Earthyam
  • Raw Glossy Starberry
  • Raw Exotic Earthyam
  • Iron Ore
  • Saltpetre Fragment
  • Sulphur Fragment
  • Gems
  • Rough Oort Stone

Now buying

  • Sap @ 32c each

Now selling

  • Fibrous Leafs @ 48c each
  • Shimmering Orbs @ 473c each
  • Ancient Tech Remnants @ 13c each


As usual: Recoined, restocked and ready business!

If you’re new you can find my shop and get my full pricelist at

In stock again

  • Saltpetre Fragments

Now selling

  • Cooked Earthyam