The Oort Card game

Well,I’ve been play a game called hearthstone. And it gave me a great idea…a Oort card game. Now I don’t mean something like Uno,or a real life game. A game in Oort that you could play thing other players.
Like in the game sky landers,it has a in game,game called skystones.
Where’d you’d have to beat some bosses by wining a game of sky stones. I don’t think it should go that far as bosses,but it could be good way to gamble some money. Win some,loss some. If there are bars in the game,you could have a section where people could play while "ordering"drinks.
The Cards can be based off real Oort creatures,a Mo-pig could be a level 1 card,while a Titan would be level 50. It gives you something to do if your bored of building,or fighting,or just crafting something that takes a while with a friend. We could have tournaments to see who the best card player in the world.
I think this is a great idea, tell me if you agree.


so something like in maplestory, with omok and whatever the cards were

Would be a great idea for post release. I just think think of creatures and may be some achivements or crafting processes give you those cards to build your deck with. Would be a good way to kill some time while adding a new way to fulfill the players needs for collecting stuff :wink:


I love the way you phrased it @TheBirne! My opinion was so much harder to phrase without coming across as a jerk. WoW and HearthStone are two games from the same company. Other than a theme and voice overs, there is no relation. I would not only welcome, I would contribute to an Oort card game, but first things first. Oort online needs to happen before Oort paper.

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Well of course,but I think this could really be some thing big,so go tell everyone about this. If you’re on board,then we got to get the ball rolling.

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As awesome as Harthstone is I think a card game like that would be way too much for Oort. However, I like the idea of a card or dice game. Something more a kin to poker. Something simple would be awesome, there plenty of times you just want to hang out with your online friends and a talk. A game could definitely facilitate that.

Maybe a game based on the still unknown Oort glyphs?

We all know that suggestions like this are a long way off but doesn’t mean that we can’t still plant a seed in the devs mind.

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There was already a discussion about this, and although i would love something like it to kill time, it is also a major system not to mention heathstone is a game based entirely around the cardgame

witcher 3 which is another huge game have gwent though, but for a team this small i think it would be hard.

Tell you what, why dont you think up a card game, think up all of the rules and make a fully functioning cardgame, that would help alot, and then we could make it in tabletop simulator and play that while we are bored, if you are truly that dedicated and manages to do it then its great and we can use it as a community based hobby, but it shouldnt be something they have to use a ton of time making up and implementing

this is their previous answer from another thread about games

So if you want it, you should make a game so epic that they have to put it into the game :smile:


I mean if we would make up everything to the point it’s balanced then they would have so much less work to do that I’m sure they could squeeze it in^^
Btw I’m all in^^

Sorry for being off topic - but I really hope Oort will make it to Wii U; It is possible I’m a bit fanatic about this console, so no offense meant towards owners of other systems. I don’t know how long the Wu will make it. But if Wonderstruck will manage to create unique and iconic characters and creatures, I would love to see them as miniature figures for this console.

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For simplicity, just think of the ingame card game of Final Fantasy 8 … it was just a game where you had to lay cards on the table and each card had a number at each side. If your number was greater then that of the neighboring card you won that and it was colored by your color.

here is a tutorial video :wink:

Something like that can be done mor easy then hearthstone or Magic (Grand Father of all trading card games) … but Still: Think if it a year or two after release :wink:

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i personally reaaallly like the 4 sided card game system, which is also shown in the video above, it is also used in evoland

but i feel like it have just been used time and time again, and in the end im just not sure how balanced such a game actually is to play against other people.

i would love ‘‘relaxing’’ gameplay aspects such as fishing or ingame games, but i also think they require quite a bit of work and it is all a matter of reward vs effort, how important would a cardgame really be? and as i said, i think most of the effort would go into imagining or making a cardgame, so if somebody actually managed to create a unique fun and balanced ccg that could easily be made, then the chances of it getting into the game will most likely go up.


Ok,I see what your saying. But a game such as Oort online is not going to be easy to make. Even without the card game. Now I know that’s easy for me to say because I’m not the one helping to develop the game,and I know people have done this idea before,but like I always say"If they can do it,Oort can do it better!"
Also,yes I really want this!!!,it would add so much to the RPG aspect of the game. And if you really want me to create the game, I’d be happy to. I’ll get some of my “people” together,and I’ll come back in about a week 1/2 to show you what I’ve got some far and you guys can give me feedback.
Sound like a plan??

I made an addon for WoW that was a bar game. It was basically a mix of Texas hold’em and Yatzi. I would be willing to share it if anyone is interested.

That being said I am all in for helping to make a mini game.

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Yeah man,go for it. Like I said,if your in it,let’s get the ball rolling.

I’m actually personally designing a real life card game at the moment in my spare time.


That cool,what’s it called?

hehehe, seems to be a common hobby in the moment. I aslo tried to do one in the past (a munchkin-like game with a randomized dungeon map :wink: ) and know many other people who had a similar idea (next to the devs of the witcher (gwynt), obsidian (with their pillars of eternity card game) and many more developers) ^^

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I made a suggestion for board games a while ago. The devs said they may look into it after 1.0 :grinning:

You know you could always make a board in game out of stone then use wood planks as pieces and play checkers. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or tetris! Oh, wait…

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