The Oortians do a lot crafting. Why haven't they found a way to uncraft an item to get materials back?

Any thoughts on this?

I have often wished they could!

I call it the cancel button… :rofl:

That is…if you are on time…


It would make crafted materials worth more than the ingredients they are made out of. That would be crazy cakes.

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Probably not a good idea.

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I’m intrigued by this statement.

I’d say it’s because Oortians are proud of their creations and would rather sell or give away their crafted items than deconstruct them. Everything is valuable to someone.


There is no one who works on the game improvments/qaulity of life for last few years. I think this would have happened years ago not are hard thing to add just give you back only certain items or half of what you invensted. I would love this so when i try to sell something and no one buys i can get some of my invesment back atleast.


I’m drawn back to an incredibles 2 quote… (Can’t figure out posting a clip so here goes)

Mr incredible: “Can you uncrush it?”,

Crusher: “Uncrush?”,

Mr incredible: “What? No ones asked for that?” ,

Crusher: “No, uncrush is silly”,

Mr incredible: “Oh, Forget it…”

Crusher: “What if I ask you to unpunch someone? What’d you do?”


Maybe if only certain items it would be “easy”, but if say “half of everything used” it would require each item to track everything (colors of say the sticks used for tools, or specific items for things like fresh/ancient essence, etc.) used for every item, but still allow them to stack when in crafted item form… That might not be a trivial bit of code right there…

As it is a diamond hammer is worth ~10 minutes of full tilt use. If it was built to come apart it’d probably break sooner and we’d never get anything done.

im strongly against “uncraft” in any form

yes, there are multiple games with “recucle”, “deconstruct” and such forms but you can get max 50% materials back

in Boundless often we using specific material colors to get specific product, so uncraft in any forms can end in loosing valuable material, eg. exo exclusive tinted blocks

do you really want that?

im not, ill rather give someone what i crafted and i dont need than salvage/deconstruct/recycle :slight_smile:
as most of us i bet?

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That sounds all like valid points but then comes the chrysominter into the game…

Gives you way less coins than the articles are worth most of the time.

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I think one of the reasons for the crysominter was to get something back for your resources instead of just dropping them on the ground to despawn, so it could arguably be a “decrafter” but returns as coins at a much lesser value (although does help establish a min value for some items).

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I wouldn’t mind if un crafting was a thing that said. There would als need to be a cost (i think).

Like change machined metal back to refined would also need wax… to buff out the edges sort of speak but would also give the needed refined metal back (or less) which you need to craft said machined metal.

Hope i am making sense…

In my eyes a simple “reverse” of a craft isn’t good enough if there isn’t a cost to crafting it in the first place.

Just what i am thinking…
Got loads of stuff collected that i would “reverse craft” if there wasn’t a cost to it in this situation. But if there was an additional cost I would think about it more then just doing the “un craft” in other words keep it for when i maybe might need it.

Just my two cents…

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This would really need to be thought out. I wouldn’t say I am against it, but I think about things like Gleambow. I could “uncraft” all the plain glass gleambow meteors into refined gleam and there might be a few other blocks around that do that which spawn naturally or are acquired other than being crafted.

I think if color rarity wasn’t a thing it wouldn’t matter too much, but it would change the economy a bit, it would be interesting to see. Maybe like others said there was an incurred loss of some of the materials on “uncraft”.

Also mentioned was, the hammer idea if you use it down to its last hit and then “uncraft” it … you should not get all the crafting materials back if anything.

OH AND HI @Rydralain

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I don’t think it would be good if players were able to get all of the original supplies that were used to create the item. Especially for items that might depreciate as they are used. The original crafter also paid time, spark, & machine wear costs.

I think it would be okay if the devs created a new machine type. Something that could deconstruct and/or reconstitute items into a bit of new building material or metal alloy.


Or have the Deconstruction machine only deconstruct things that the the person who crafted that item so meaning you can’t Deconstruct something some1 else has created


I have to admit, when I’m thinking of undoing it’s for stone things like I selected decorative 1 instead of decorative 2, and now I have to go get more rocks, refine, and redo - or I have a rare colour and go to make a mass craft - but forgot there was a single ordinary colour of the same type of stone in my inventory. Sometimes even though I check that it’s crafting as the main colour, the finished product is the ordinary colour. On those occasions, if there was a skill page that allowed me to get the stones back and remake, I’d use it.

what about blocks that are marked as “uncraftable”. Now imagine an exo planet with those blocks.