The plan.... still there?

I watched old boundless trailers abd such today and specially this one was really eye opening for me… is this the game you imagined it to be?
Cause the game on that video looks like blast.

I want to play that game.

Whatever happened to that game :roll_eyes:


Hard to think that was 6 years ago. Hope the protectors and possible dungeon show up this year. Unlikely, I know, but one can dream.


what about the “Digging for oortstones” thing @james?


meh, games change throughout the cycle. I think there is much more life left in boundless, cuz they keep on working at it. Maybe some is still in the pipe, but if not, I’ll play the game they give me.

Star Citizen is another. It’s always changing. not gonna be what they originally said. but I’m going to play that game, because of dedicated devs. Its always a good thing to see =D




While I totally agree with what you’re saying… ugh, Star Citizen.

yah… i know… i think that game will eventually be the death of me…

but i am a really beg fan of the privateer games. nostalgia dies hard y’know

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I feel you. I was an early backer but getting constant emails trying to sell me more ships for years after they raised more than 100 mil really got under my skin.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t mean to derail the thread, carry on with Boundless. :grinning:


Boundless Empires…tame the world… all that was in at least one of the trailers and on the website at one point during the Alpha and I was HOOKED… became and early backer and 13,124 game hours later I am still here :wink:

Imma simple guy, good chiseling system is the core I need, everything else is cherry on top :yum::yum::yum:

I’d definitely like to see some of these ideas in game


Like this part ;D


Freaking awesome

There is an article floating around on the internet about a guy who spent $30,000 on ships

They made a huge sail :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s weird to see how the pig-like creature was modelled but seemingly never made it into the game. :confused:


Oort Temples??? Sooooo, dungeons??? Sign me up!!!


yeah i would have loved different races/groups

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Yeah, dungeons, different races, simple creatures, and more diverse and larger enemies. Let’s have it


Yeah, I was looking forward to more mobs… i find it strange that all worlds (despite different colours, types of trees, formations, etc.) have the same mobs everywhere. It’s a small thing, but one I find important for immersion.
Also, I think what’s rather annoying is not so much that all the stuff that was originally included has not been included (yet… staying optimistic here…) but also that the trailer is still online advertising said features (same as proper not-just-underwear-clothing or armour as shown in the videos, that clearly don’t exist either).

The game shouldn’t be advertised with that trailer anymore and maybe a new more realistic trailer should have been put online on the website, etc.pp.
I wouldn’t be surprised if some new players don’t stay because of that. Not everyone’s watching a lets-play right after the game trailer and before buying and then are clearly disappointed.


Thats like the first trailer there is.
There is new ones too.

I just would like to some dev share some thoughts around this… as i feel that game in the video is no longer here.
-what made them change their view on the game?

  • they stated that depending on funding they will release things piece by piece… where we are now with that?

Ps. They clearly have put truck loads of money to this alrdy not even starting to talk about deals what theyve made (sony, sec).
So we just sit here and wait another 2 years… 4years?? Right?

Im not really seeing the same things here as i saw in Early access development… devs actually cared?(sure they still do).
But there is this massive black hole between developers and players nowadays…
No one says anything when someone asks about stuff.

I know they marketed this really well when it was oort online. But now we are just having some free weekends and humble bundle? Lol i would say.

@Leahlemoncakes may i(we) get some answers?
Just talk about this pls.

Go watch that video devs and really think what went sideways.