The "Poles and Beams" update is here!


Boss move.


Will the flower bouquet stay around permanently I’m sure people would love to run flower shops year around


This would be great…also, @james, this wasn’t clear to me. Can the bouquets be “placed” like decorations? Or are they just inventory items?


Hopefully they are in a vase so we can place them in our tables


Yes, it is…


It also adds absolutely nothing new to do so I find it rather a meh update…


oh I disagree. I can think of so many uses for the poles & beams, it will really add another element for me.


Ok, well I’m happy for you!

I know I will be using them at some point as well like with any new item you can use to build with, but I feel it is high time for new ways to play to be added.

So I have really high hopes for farming.


Haha all good. Yeah i read they were called tattoos but body paints were used instead to keep it family-friendly hence why I mentioned it.


Me too - with farming. Sounds like it’s not too far away either.


I realy hope so! Hopefully it’s not going the PS4 Deluxe Upgrade route, any new @james


Did something go wrong? An hour already and I didn’t think this was such a huge update!
And no patchnotes yet either!


We’re back! Full patch notes to follow folks, enjoy the new update :slight_smile:


Updated thread title to reflect that we’re out. Will add Patch Notes ASAP


Thank you sam and sams beard


But, but where are the 50 new planets?


I do hope some will get added soon, need some new colours and wanna go exploring!


Ye i look for exploring too… maybe ill discover next planet has exact same patterns as Merika. Heh.
Sry ive seen those. Its really not cool to explore new planets when the layout is basically the same


Thank you guys for all of your hard works. This was the fastest upcoming update - and I didn’t even felt it was 2 weeks of wait! Good job guys! This is how it should go. Keeping up the excitement!


Wow, must be some lengthy patch notes. :slight_smile:


They’re waiting on me. Will get them live ASAP.

But they’ll be almost identical to the Testing notes.


do you need any build help over there :grin: