The raxxian sanctuary project!

Welcome to the raxxian sanctuary project!

what is the sanctuary project?

the sanctuary project is about a combination design city build
where people build on a max 10x10x10 plot area.
the raxxian sanctuary has a protection border around the city of 15,000 plots
I will open 50 spots of 10x10x10 with separated beacons.
on each spot/plot area a chest will be placed with materials of the exact colours of the raxxian sanctuary, so you don’t have to gather materials, each plot will have the exact same amount of materials, this way each individual can come up with their own design and also making each plot unique in its own way. using your own materials is not allowed
the goal is to have 50 people build something that is totally designed and created by them.
the only thing is, I will be the beacon owner, the reason for this is that each beacon then has gleam club and is safe from turning into ash, it’s the only way to save the sanctuary project.
but the beacon name will be named to the builder along with a sign

Each person that builds gets 100,000 coins so that’s 50x 100,000
Those who helped fund the project and those that build do get their name on the wall of fame at the city center

I’m looking for funders/donators to get this project started and get the goal of 5,000,000 coins
any help is appreciated



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  • TheDarkCrucible
  • Rydralain
  • Ingvar
  • TmmK
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I’ll build, and I’d totally help fund, but I think I have about 10k to my name in game :sweat_smile:


I’ve been there before but for the love of the Great Oort can’t remember where it’s located :upside_down_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

never mind - found it lol; kept checking different hubs leading to Raxxa, but TNT one says “Lantern Gardens” so I didn’t even take a look inside the first time :joy:


Hmm, this transfer has been pretty casual, but I’ll have a look at that.


Ooh I forgot to open portal to ULT me sorry me been sooooo busy me haven’t been on in like month (Q.Q)


Ummm well I am not a professional or any type of amazing builder but I would be totally down to build or try?

If you are looking for just skilled builders then I would be more then happy to slowly contribute to the cause :slight_smile:


Let US meet later @HOST

I ll give you the 5.000.000 coins you need, so you can start with your project.

Now i ll Go to bed sleeping its 2:30 am Here…


You know what, sign me up. I need a challenge to get me back into the game, and this might be it.

Also, Raxxa is the best.


This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do, since I’ve been out of the game for ages and have no materials, and never really had a ton of plots. And the Raxxian Sanctuary is quality; I’d love to be a part of that.

Sign me up. If you throw in some chisels you can even keep the money.


Question though is there a required time limit to the build? And plot hight/depth? Can this be decided at builders will…

Very tempted though😉



ill add you to the list no need for donations bro

haha I saw you, well once I got spots opened ill post about it here

i thought so! its all good here have a cookie, also when will you open it then?

WTF O_O , are you serious bro? thank you! that’s much appreciated :bow: :heart:

i will add you to the list buddy always nice to have people come back :+1:

awesome! glad to have you return for that reason, as soon as all the materials are gathered and splitted between those areas ill let you know! but you could giveaway the coins to a stranger and make a happy face :slight_smile:

well the limit is 10x10x10 but from what i heard that might be too big so i think i go for 10x10x5 or a little less, i will have to plot and see if a decent size but defiantly 5 plots high, so 5x5x5 would be 5 long 5 wide 5 high total 125 plots, but since i will be owning the beacon, and permissions are given and your name will be the beacons name you don’t have to worry about plots


wub ooo!


You may sign me up :wink: size isn’t my main concern :grin: if you like ill even plot it and add you to the beacon with full rights if you like.

First of I already have a design in my mind that might work and fit nicely :grin: “the bigger the better”.
The full depth i for see atm may be 1-2 plot layers down (from road/ground level of the main city) and 2-3 plot layers up. So 5 plot layers roughly which i may expand up on as i have the “basics” build.

However to start basic layout of the build ill probably have enough with main layer and the plot layer below for now. (To save some plots can always bug you later :joy:).

Few more questions though the mats in the chests will that be a variation of blocks in said colors (rock, stone, brick, marble and on) or do we get the basics like rock, trunk, leafs and on.
No own mats used :wink: but is it allowed that given blocks are crafted to other blocks either by you or us?
Are tools like chisels also provided?

sorry for my questions just thinking ahead and :brain: is running wild atm

@HOST get the Party started :+1::+1::+1:

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because i can to the dance . jus sayin

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Sounds really good :heart: I’m not a perfect builder but I’m thinking about doing it.I like the fact we use the materials that are given to us which is going to complement your very pretty Great City.Whats the time limit? How many days do people have to build a house or whatever.?Great idea :bulb:


having people plot and own the beacon and they give perms is something that has been done and failed just because people come and go without warning, and as the city owner i like to be in charge of it without having me to keep an eye on 50 different beacons and their fuel time…even if some have gleam club it still makes more work for me, so yeah perms are given to build on and then the beacon will say for example build by Tmmk along with a sign at the build + your name on the wall of fame,

i can add plots down on request but its not in the planning,

the materials given will be finished from marble to refined rock and woods but also basic materials like gravel that’s used for the sanctuary roads

as for the given blocks and if you could craft them to other blocks, well yes technically you could but its recommended to stick to the sanctuary material usage


i hope to get it done within a week to get started i got my gf on the case to help with farming

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hello cosmic :heart: :wave::

no need to be a perfect builder, there’s no such thing as perfect :slight_smile:
just enjoy and be part of the project if you wish.
there’s really no time limit, everyone has a real-life too (i think right? if not speak up now lol)
but yeah if i know someone is on daily and has a spot ‘‘reserved’’ and doesn’t build on it by a week + if might go to another person that might be interested, or at least communicate to me

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