The soul system (remade)

The first thing you would need to do is finding a runic dagger in a treasure chest. After you have done that you need to kill an creature with the dagger. at death the soul leaves the corpse. Bigger creatures have bigger souls. Now you need to be quick because the soul vanishes after a couple of seconds. To capture it you simply put it in a jar made out of gleam. Congratulations you captured your first soul. now you can start ‘filling’ phials made out of gleam with the soul essence (you can capture the soul with a phial too).

To use your soul essence you first have to carve some oort glyphs in a blank runestone. Every rune has a different effect on your equip. some examples:

  • fire rune
  • if attached to a tool: possibility to get ore clusters out of normal stone when mined. Clusters can be smelted into ingots
  • if attachet to a weapon: possibility to set the enemy on fire
  • if attached to (whole) amor: resistance to lava. keeps you warm (can be good or bad)

Now you have to power the glyph with the soul essence you gathered earlier on a runic altar found in rare shrines. now your glyph/rune is ready to use! After some time the soul will run out of power and you have to craft a new glyph/rune. The bigger the soul the longer it has power.
Now you can also use your runes to craft scythes. If you kill something with it its soul will be harvested and automatically trapped inside a empty phial (if the player has one in his inventory)

please let me know what you think of this system :slight_smile:


so basically using blood sacrifice, that is absolutely disgusting XD

but still. i dont think you should EVER drop your equipment or tools, im an RPG player and i know how hard it can be to get certain pieces of gear.


But again other people are thinking it would be better to drop the whole inventory. And with a system like that everyone gets what he want (kinda :D)

I have to agree with @Zouls on this one. I don’t like the idea of working really hard to get a piece of gear or an item and then dropping it because I got killed. One might argue that I just shouldn’t get killed if I don’t want to lose my gear or my items, but what if I get grouped up on, or what if all of the sudden my internet connection lags behind and I can’t control my character, or any other number of random things that might happen that are out of my control? It seems that mechanics like that only lead to people not taking risks and playing it safe.

I definitely agree there should be a reason to not die, but I think there are better ways to impress upon the player that they shouldn’t die than to take their gear/items away. For example maybe you take some durability damage on all of your gear that you need to go repair and if you don’t you die easier and do less damage because you are wearing/using broken equipment ( I know everyone probably hates durability damage for some reason, but I don’t mind it myself ). Maybe your items do have a chance of being dropped (not sure what a stat like this would be called), but you can improve that stat so that you won’t drop the item on death. A stat like that would maybe start out at 50% and you might be able to reduce it all the way to 0%. (Other ranges would work, just throwing out numbers).

I’m not saying these are the best ideas, I’m just throwing them out there. We need (I think) a way to make people want to take risks (because risky gameplay can be fun, right?), but we don’t want it to be so risky that there’s no fun in playing because you risk loosing everything you’ve worked so hard to get.

But whats the point in killing other people then?

dropping all of your mats and gold. again, my proposal, that way if you have been out farming mats a person can kill you and take your mats and gold. would make highwaymen profitable enough while not making it too big a strain on the person dying.

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I see your point, haha, and I’m afraid I don’t have a good answer.

Possibly, copies of player items drop when you kill them? At that point though, it might not even matter what items the player is wearing. Maybe it’s just like killing any other mob except you get better gear? ( To be clear, I’m suggesting that a person might drop gear that they are not wearing. ) Gold maybe? Maybe a special currency that is used for PvP type items.

I’m aware that it’s a bit silly to reject an idea without a good alternative, but I don’t (and I suspect many others might not as well) like the idea of losing my gear. I’m sure there are people out there with good ideas and alternatives though.

I like this idea, but with one caveat: Players have a place to store gold that is not on their person at all times. I would want this to be a place that you cannot steal from, like a personal bank or something. That way you aren’t carrying around your life savings at all times, but you can lose a big chunk of change if you aren’t careful.

Ofc. that is part of it, that is why it is so genius.

people would have chest(s) that they could store their gold and items in, it is in a beaconed area and cant be opened by others, this does 2 things.

  1. it highly encourages people to build a safe space / house for themselves which they might not have done otherwise.
  2. it requires people to think about what they should carry around at all times, if they need to buy something then they will need gold, but they also know that the gold might be lost so they cant just carry around everything at once.

This, I love it! Perfect incentives in my opinion! I would love to play with a system like this in place!

Maybe there would be 2-4 inventory slots that you don’t drop when you die. if you don’t want to loose your other equip you have to bind it.
what do you think about that?

still no.

let me try to calculate it.

what you should be able to keep if we only count equipped gear and tools.

we assume you need an axe, a pickaxe and a shovel

now lets say the character equipment is a weapon swap system where you can have 2 weapon sets the max would be 4 weapons.

you would wear a

                                Brace                 lets
                             Ring, Glo               ves, Ring

so you have 4 weapons + 3 tools + 9 pieces of gear

so you have 16 items you have farmed a ton to get, gratz, you can keep 4 of them and farm the rest back up.

see the problem?

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I guess it’s impossible to make a system everyone likes :confused: I think I’ll wait to see what the devs have planned

You are just thinking too hardcore. try to ask yourself

if you used 3 weeks of grinding to get something, how would you feel if it was taken away from you ‘‘just because’’

So I guess I’ll go ahead and summon him. :stuck_out_tongue:

/summon @ben

Have you guys talked about any of these issues? If so, are you able to discuss any of the in-house ideas with us at this point?

EDIT: Re-worded for clarification

it would be pretty frustrating :confused: But then again you would just need to craft/build the altar once. But maybe it’s just me trying to defend my idea :stuck_out_tongue:

it would end in 2 things.

  1. being able to easily get the souls and it just being a major bother since you need to keep a stack up, but you will never really run dry, making it a waste


  1. Making the souls hard to get so people need to grind for hours just to be able to protect 1 set of gear, making it a slaverish task and removing all of the fun from the game

but again. personal opinion.

you win :smiley: I still like the idea of using souls on equip though. Maybe use souls to enchant things like in skyrim :smiley:

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That i would be totally up for. maybe make it a part of runecrafting or enhanting, in runecrafting you would need a baserune which determine the level and then a soul from a creature which determine the elemental/damage type.those you can then equip on a weapon to boost it

maybe make a skill line which is is called ‘‘Soul harvesting’’ so a survivalist would take all of the meat, bones and skin and a soul harvester would go collect the soul in a gem.