The Tower of Madness is opening its doors soon! Over 1 million coins in treasures to hunt for!

Hello Boundless Citizen! :smiley:

Do you like mazes and do you like treasure hunts? Then the Tower of Madness is the place to be on November 21st! The Tower of what… you ask? The probably biggest and most complex multi level maze the Boundless universe has seen so far:

Some maze facts/statistics:

Yes, there are 192 possible treasure locations in 9 different maze levels and all are already filled and waiting for the maze runners who grab them! All treasures together are worth about 1.2 million coins. The two best and probably hardest to find ones are the following items with level 480:

The different maze levels are connected through inner and outer stairs and the connections can be configured in various ways, so it will never be the same way through the Tower for future events!

To give the maze runners some „orientation“ (or maybe more confusion for some players :smiling_imp:) there is a mini map next to Entry:

You can also have a preview to get an idea what you are hunting for and for what you risk your sanity or sense of direction :see_no_evil::

The start locations are limited! Buy your ticket now directly at the Tower:

How the ticket shop works, is explained beside the shop.

Can‘t wait to reserve your start position? You can get there easily via TNT Megahub:

The minimum number of maze runners for the event taking place is 20 and the maximum is 40. If we don‘t reach the 20, everyone who bought a ticket will get his or her coins back of course!

So let the treasure hunt begin!

If you have any questions, don‘t hesitate to contact me in the game! :slightly_smiling_face:

Your King of Slides (and maybe mazes)


This is amazing, I’ll definetly go for it.


My gosh, that looks INTENSE!! Definitely gonna try it out for the fun of it when I get home!

Thanks for doing all that work for the community @Mukaltar1337!!!


Thank you for the positive reaction :slight_smile: I hope there will be a lot of players to hunt for the treasures! Tell all your Boundless friends to buy a ticket :grin:.


So everyone has to do the maze at the same time?


I want a ticket!!!

Yes, maze runners enter the maze via portal under their feet in their assigned starting box:

When everybody is ready the maze operator (me in this case) runs around and opens the big trap doors under the feet of the maze runners, so they get dropped into a random location in the maze and begin their hunt. For the big opening all treasure hunters will start on the upper gold level which has 50 possible start locations. There are different connections between the different maze levels and the deeper you get through the maze, the better are the prices you can find there :grin:.

Edit: Who wants to prepare for the treasure hunt, studies the mentioned mini map and makes some notes how the levels are connected :wink:.


Then don‘t be shy and visit the ticket shop to reserve your start box :smile:.

RDeschain reporting for duty! Ticket bought and place reserved and I can’t wait!

Got ticket #4!

I see the ticket is sold. But I didn‘t got a message from you. Did you read the instructions next to the ticket shop? You have to add the location to your location tab by equipping and using the bought ticket and then message its co-ordinations, so I can verify it is you, who bought the ticket :slightly_smiling_face:.

Edit: And you didn‘t request the Maze Runner membership at the ticket shop. Please read the instructions (interact with signs for more info) :smile:.

Just did. Was tooo busy with the best slides ever. Sorry!

:grin: The slides can somehow be a little distracting, I completely understand this^^.

Got your message, accepted your membership to the Maze Runners fraction and reserved the start box for you :slightly_smiling_face::

So this is the state of play concerning sold tickets:

I am optimistic to reach the goal of the minimum of 20 participants in the next 2.5 weeks :slightly_smiling_face:


Update: 10 of the minimum of 20 tickets sold :grin:

I am also promoting a little on discord now to reach more players :slightly_smiling_face:.

You can support me with telling your Boundless friends about this event or by promoting it at your hunts. I would really appreciate this! :smiley:


I’ve literally brought along the only other boundless person I know… My son! Haha. I’ll try and tout it in discord though dude and get some more parties interested. This is going to be so much fun :slight_smile:



Yes you will hunt for treasures

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So it‘s time for a little update again:

The ticket sale is going well! 13 sold tickets in one week and two weeks remaining until opening! :smiley:

:heart: A lot of old and some new Boundless friends already assured their start box :heart::

Thank you all so much for sharing the fun with me my friends! I am really looking forward to see you all swarming through the Tower and hunt for treasures :grin:.

Only one sold ticket I can‘t assign to a buyer at the moment, because he or she neither requested maze runner membership nor messaged me anything:

So if you read this mysterious ticket buyer, please contact me with the location code of the ticket and request maze runner membership so I can replace these „???“ with your name :smile:.

More Updates including some insider information concerning the maze operators areas and some special thx to contributors made this project even possible will follow soon.


The patience update :smile:

Only one week to go for the big opening, so it is time for an update and some more details and insights concerning the Tower of Madness. I hope you all are excited like me :smiley:.

But first things first: The ticket sale went really well last week, so there are only 12 tickets left for now!

So if you want your seat at the hype train, hurry up! :grin:

A lot of cool people and some real Boundless veterans will join the party in addition to my last update :smiley::

Administration of the Tower of Madness

As promised I will now give you some more details and at first I want to take you with me to the administration side of the Tower of Madness:

Aside from the Maze Runners there are 2 other roles concerning the Tower of Madness: The Maze Supervisors and the Maze Operators.

Only a Maze Supervisor is allowed to change the configuration of the maze by opening and closing doors and so closing or blocking paths inside the tower. For now there are only doors on each side of a maze level, which lead to one of the outer staircases and inside the staircases themselves:

The Maze Operators are there to operate the maze, who would have thought it :sweat_smile:. But seriously: Only the maze operators have access to the operating level above each maze level:

And only they can access the treasure boxes from administration side and close the blinking treasure indicators:

Maze Runners run!

As the last part of today‘s update I want to give you some more details concerning your way through the tower. I was asked several times how you can get from one level to another and so here is some more information concerning this point:

At each cardinal direction a maze level has doors which can be open or closed. You as a Maze Runner are not able to change its current state (see administration part above). So if you find a closed door this not the way to proceed for you this run! But if it is open you may have access to the staircase of this side, which let you switch the maze level, if it is opened:

With these outer staircases you even can skip maze levels, if the Maze Supervisor thought this should be a good idea :smile:.

There are also inner stairs which only connect 2 neighbouring maze levels:

You can find access points to these stair cases anywhere in the maze levels, but they have administrative doors too, so not each inner stair is usable!

Hint: These inner staircases also give you a good overview concerning the remaining treasure under your feet, because they are made of glass :shushing_face: :wink:.

This is it for today update and there will be at least one before the big day :upside_down_face:.

Boundless greetings


There is a special giveaway!!! Two free tickets on my sovereign Eggscelsior!
They are hidden on the surface next to some egg shaped rocks
The planet is found on TNT top level between the naughty hunt lodge and die Zuflucht. The only pink portal :grin:
It’s a T5 burn world so you need protection

Any questions? Pm me(Eggi) ingame :blush:
Have fun running over this beauty and find the free Tickets