The Winter Event is live! Post your best screenshots here


well it was fun at first…
when I was fighting random hatted mobs…
they took no damage from snowballs so they made light work with my fists.
then a meteor dropped.
figured I’d give the snowball fight a try, since y’know, it’s only available on low planets and snowballs are the only thing that does damage. luckily I had pre-collected some ice and had a full smart stack crafted because I was gonna need them.
the embarrassment had gotten up to 9, not sure how/if it affects the loot gained after, but it was pretty tough, even the first round… the snowballs do hardly any damage.
2 more rounds later and getting tougher and tougher… and now there are elites. really? does this thing end?
sure enough I died. (no xp penalty. whoop tee doo, I already had penalty. loot is what i’m after.)

how many red candy canes do you even get from a level 3 meteor anyway? I hardly doubt it’s worth all that trouble.

I think it could be improved with one of:
-more damage from the snowballs
-ability to hit them with fists or slingbows
-each meteorite mob drops a red candy cane (as well as the meteor box)
-ooh! or maybe packing augments into the snowballs for some better damage or straighter trajectory :smiley:


i would forge a couple of snowball


Changed appearance for the first time since launch on my main toon


already tried forging them hahahaha.

Horrible efficiency (like in, totem bad.) And when you end up with a good slider land… no boons :sob:


… The weather outside is frightful :worried:


Yup. Thanks for the nightmare fuel. I didn’t want to sleep anyway.


Yeah, that’s not creepy at all @blinvir



That’s awesome



They did a pretty good job with the snow effect. No frame hit, and it looks great! =D


They do need to tone it down a lot or give us the ability to decrease / disable weather effects as it’s too hard to see at times for meteors and even more so with white enemies.


Anyone else compelled to make your beard or head gear just seem wrong? Mine is dirty looking like I found it in the lost and found. My wardens looked like it was peed on till I pointed it out. I’m almost 40 so went with a “Santa” that didn’t care anymore


Winter is cohmin

that means it’s time to bring out the decorations and get festive!!!


I have to agree, the snow effect is really well done. The only thing missing is the crunch sound when walking on it and footprints!


The snow is great. I keep the temperature as low as possible (irl) so when it gets snowy in game it just feels right. I encourage anyone alive on planet Earth to experience the crystal splendor of a wind free snowfall.




Ever see the movie ‘2012’ and the part where the freeze approaches and starts taking over the library? Well, now I know the terror they must’ve felt… Don’t let it touch me! Burn the books! :stuck_out_tongue:

(This is ‘Inside’ the building by the way!)

R3D’s Tower looks great in the snow though…


In Britain (London) when it snows it’s like the whole town is in chaos and life has to stop. Think we are meant to feel a bit like that :smiley: it’s nearly impossible to build when those snowstorm appear.


Personally I wish some weather effects weren’t so quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Rains > snows> pollen storms > weird worms in the air weather all in 5 minutes :joy: