The Winter Event is live! Post your best screenshots here


It’s here folks! Our Winter Event has just kicked off, and will be running for two weeks up until the 1st January.

We’ve all been loving the LED screenshots you’ve been sharing, so please do put all your best festive builds in here - we’ll be picking some out and sharing them on all the usual channels, so let’s see what you can do - we’re talking entire forests of Oortmas trees, buildings made of presents, and plenty of snowball fights!

For a recap of everything that’s included;

Happy Oortmas everyone!


Happy Oortmas!


yay now we can make snowmen…wait…


we are meeting here for a snowball fight leaving in 5 minutes


Gah! Wish I could make it. Kicking Dev butt is my speciality.


We’re still running around Gellis if you wanna join.


Eh, guys… Why are we getting defeat penalties after being defeated by the Oortmas stealing, snowspitter hoard? :frowning:

EDIT: Nevermind. I forgot that I got the death penalty from when I let the meteor hit me for the achievement. My bad. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Snow Spitters make glacier when they walk on water. I suppose so they can’t drown. On Beckon this netted me some Light Lilac Glacier. I wonder if we’ll get some funky colors from other planets?




Merry xmas from DBX!!!


OH NOES!!1!!1one!11!!!


Fun event guys, thanks!
Meteors feel like snowball fight on a schoolyard, when I was young.


Sorissi has cool slate ice and light azure glacier.


some more shots of the festive critters!

Next up, looking for a Ho-ho-hopper.



Found an Oortmas roadrunner, and hopper

Starting to add some decorations to the Gyosha Mall :grin:


yeah, but those hoppers dont like their pictures being taken… found a friendly one though who even levitated a bit for show :slight_smile:


OMG, I might need to take a day off


ty for the decorations :slight_smile: looks great…I’ll try to help later when I can play :+1:

That dead roadrunner tho :joy::rofl:


10 characters…


Me dual wielding snowballs :snowman_with_snow: