The Winter Event is live! Post your best screenshots here




Found an Elite Wildstock celebrating Oortmas :smiley:


Anyone else notice the critters looks extra angry with their hats?

It’s like putting a sweater on a cat. Cute, but they’re gonna suffocate you in your sleep.

Totally enjoying it though. :grinning:


Winter in Cill Airne, Boori.


This is from the PURE hunt last night




I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask but does anyone with tall tower buildings with roofs or platforms sticking out have the issue of the snow or whitened blocks not appearing underneath?


I’ve got a smallish platform-like build, and have noticed that there are different intensities of snow which encroach further under the “roof”, but if its big enough it may block all snow i believe


I’ve not had that issue myself, @Nyuudles - my Red Pagoda in Little Japan has five roofs, four in which are covered by the roofing above:

I’ll take a look around later and see if there’s an issue on any of the other builds.



Stumbled through this bubbly town during a snowstorm

(Also I’m always prepared for a snowball fight)


Nice colors on your toon I rock something similar :smile:


Throwing yellow snowballs huh? Thats just nasty!


No seasonal decos but I thought this bit of Ultima Guild HQ looked particularly good in the snow.


Topper didn’t always have followers however when the snow came so did the snow citizens who brought gifts and a tree and laid them before them.


Ho Ho Ho!


I knew Santa is not from Lapland!

Red and white go well.

Poor plants and fungae…


Omg I love this!! What a touching and festive story and scene :blush: