The World Block Museum

Thanks All for the kind words.

If you go to visit, I’m sorry most of the blue signs I filled out with invisible ink. I have to go back and change them all so they can be read. I knew that ink was cheap for a reason.


Haha, @XxymoxX, you are indeed a legend. I’ve never seen anybody complete an atlas as fast as you! AND while finding every hidden treasure. Its good to see you getting all these hearts!!!


So the New Exo Planet - CRAV is up for viewing in the museum. Please stop by to have a look.

Also there are Atlas’s for sale in the Store


Definitely not human!

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Aaargh! How in the Worlds did you do that!

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You the man @XxymoxX

@Alastair66 let’s check this place out soon!

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Yeah, XxymoxX has been adding exo’s within a few hours of there appearance. I still cant figure out how he does it… Might have to go with him next time. But when Colus Te came out it only took him longer than 2 hours because he actually sleeps… And also we forgot to make extra shop stands. I think he’s adjusted for that though… :wink:

Ord Trian is on display at the Museum

Atlas’s on Sale at the Superstore


Come see the display of the Exo planet - Yuuzha!


This place is huge and awesome. Was there the other day when i checked out your place. :+1::+1:

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XyxmoxX I think the atlas prices are right, but the stands are getting low (FYI)

The World Block Museum is buying rock! Please see stands right behind the stairs in the entry.

Exo planet blocks?

I saw this the other day. Fantastic build and very useful. Keep in mind if you are adding exo annexes above or below to watch out for that pesky mesh limit. Really hope the devs actually increase it like they said. 512 for each mantle to sky chunk(2x2) plot area.

Its good advice, he has been very careful in implementation but its pretty tuff when you want to deco the place too. I do hope the. Limit changes. Thanks!

I think so, his projects are huge and i think he needs PILES of white. But I’ll poke around and see if details can be added …

Yes they are. Just figured if everyone was there mining they would have loads of excess rocks.

Here are the colors:

What an amazing build…I love these huge proportions…and useful too, keep it up! :slight_smile:

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There was white rock? Which Exo had that? I’ve got I think around 9k of the vivid lime. What are you buying them for?